‘The Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Is Voicing A Quidditch Audiobook

‘The Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Is Voicing A Quidditch Audiobook

Rick Grimes is coming to Harry Potter. Kind of.

The 2001 book Quidditch Through The Ages, written by “Kennilworthy Whisp” (aka JK Rowling, you’re not fooling anyone around here), is an exploration of the rich fictional history of everyone’s favourite broom-related sporting event. Now, sixteen years late, it’s getting the fancy audiobook treatment, with Andrew Lincoln stepping in to do the vocal honour, with part of the book’s proceeds going to charity.

Lincoln has spent the better part of the past decade playing the sherriff’s deputy turned survivor Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, experiencing the terrible parade of horrors of a world overrun by zombies and terrible memes about his son, Carl.

“The Wizarding world is one that I always wanted to step into,” Lincoln said in a statement. “What makes this project so special is not only that it allows me opportunities to create something my kids love and enjoy, but it also supports great causes, like Comic Relief and Lumos.”

Which is lovely, but I can’t help but wonder: after so long as Rick, will it even be possible to hear Lincoln read a book about Quidditch without imagining a horrible zombie massacre playing out somewhere just back and to the left of his audio booth? Fan artists, help me out here. I need this. The Walking Quidditch Cup. Let’s go.


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