The Original Script Pages For Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Provide An Inspirational Story

The Original Script Pages For Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Provide An Inspirational Story

It’s been almost 30 years since audiences first met Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan. In that time, they have become a crucial component of popular culture. Long before that though, the pair was born on a yellow notepad in a coffee shop – and one of Bill and Ted’s creators has shared their inception on his Twitter.

Image: Orion Pictures

Ed Solomon, who co-wrote Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Chris Matheson, recently posted the first script pages for the film. They were handwritten, almost illegible, and filled with mistakes and changes, as well as the essence of what those characters would become. For those reasons alone they’re kind of wonderful and worth checking out.

Along with the images, though, Solomon also included a little backstory about the joy writing those characters brought to him and Matheson. It’s a positivity we rarely get to hear about these days, and we thought you might enjoy it as we did.

The thread starts here, numbered one to five.

“Be excellent to each other,” indeed.

Solomon and Matheson still hold Bill and Ted close to their hearts and have been trying to bring the characters back for years. You can read the latest on that below. We hope it works out because anyone who has this kind of passion and heart really deserves to keep telling stories.

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