I’m Frothing Over This Norton Core Router

I’m Frothing Over This Norton Core Router

After first being release overseas in 2017, Symantec’s Norton Core Wi-Fi router is finally being released in Australia. Named as one of the 25 best inventions in 2017 by Times Magazine, it has been designed to provide both speed and security to the home.

And while it does have some impressive features, particularly around security, I can’t stop thinking how god damn sexy it looks. It’s sci-fi chic and I’m all about it.

Here are the specs:

The biggest concern around IoT is security. In a world where casinos can get hacked through a connected fish tank, this is a legitimate thing to be worried about.

Norton Core aims to neutralise this issue by providing security, as well as speed and connectivity between smart devices in the home.

Not only will it detect abnormalities, it will disconnect a device from the network if it thinks it has a virus.

You can also control the entire network from an app on your phone, where you can monitor your upload and download speeds, what devices are connected, control the bandwidth by device and even change your settings.

There are also options to set up parental controls, set content filters and control time limits by device.

Symantecs’s Norton Core is now available for pre-order for $399 at Harvey Norman and will be out in Australia on July 23. For more information visit the Norton Site.

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