We Saw The First, Very Playful, Footage Of Wonder Woman 1984 At Comic-Con

We Saw The First, Very Playful, Footage Of Wonder Woman 1984 At Comic-Con

As part of their massive Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, Warner Bros. revealed a first look at the still in production Wonder Woman 1984. It’s unfortunately not going online but we were there and can tell you all about it.

Star Gal Gadot told the audience in Hall H that “[Wonder Woman 1984 is] not a sequel, it’s a different chapter, it’s a whole new movie”, while director Patty Jenkins added, “I want to make great movies. I realised I have these characters that I love, this world that I love and we can make this whole new movie about something pure and strong and unique as the first one, of course I want to do that”.

Jenkins also commented on the why they chose to set the film in the ’80s saying it was because “was mankind at their best and worst”.

As to that footage? It was brief, but fun. Wonder Woman jumps into a very ’80s, bright white mall. A little girl is stunned to see her and comes up behind her. “Wow”, she exclaims. Diana says “hold tight” and gently pushes her across the floor into a giant teddy bear as the girl laughs.

When she turns around there are two bad guys with guns pointed at her. Wonder Woman gives them like a “really guys?” look, runs up to them, grabs their arms, takes the guns from them and crushes the weapons. She then breaks out the lasso, wraps them both up in it and runs through the mall dragging them behind.

She then jumps through the mall hanging them over a railing. The title card “WW84” popped up after that followed by a shot of her running very, very, fast through a busy city street.

As for chatter from the cast, star Chris Pine wouldn’t give us a clue as to how he’s back for the sequel sadly, but they’re just three and a half weeks into shooting and still have 20 weeks left to go on this entry into the DCEU so we’ve got some time.

The film, written and directed by Jenkins, stars Gadot as Diana Prince and Pine as Steve Trevor. This time they’re joined by Kristen Wiig, who plays the villain Cheetah. It’s scheduled for release November 2019.

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