A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge May Have Exploded

A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge May Have Exploded

Earlier this week it was reported that a woman from Long Island in the United States was filing a lawsuit against Samsung because her Samsung Galaxy Note 9 allegedly caught fire in her handbag.

Now a Redditor from Morocco has come forward saying that their Galaxy S7 Edge froze and then “exploded”.

According to the user (who goes by the handle ‘Rokhana’) — they had the device in their back pocket and took it out to take a photo. The phone then froze, turned off and would’t turn back on again.

After being left on a kitchen counter the device “spontaneously went up in flames” and also set some towels on fire.

According to The Sun, Rokhana didn’t receive help from their local customer service facility when they took the phone in.

The original Reddit post has since been updated to include the resolution — an apology phone call from Samsung in Morocco and a replacement phone in the form of a Samsung Galaxy S9.

According to the post, Rokhana was also allegedly presented with documentation that requires them to delete all social media posts about the incident and cease providing further comment about it.

At the time of writing the Reddit post and image on Imgur were still lives.

In case it gets deleted, here is the Reddit post in full:

“I had it in my back pocket before taking it out to take a picture, but it froze and shut down. After trying and failing to turn it back on for a minute or so, I put it down on my countertop and figured I’ll just try again later. Literally no more than a couple seconds after putting it down the whole thing spontaneously went up in flames. I had a couple nearby towels catch fire too, thought my kitchen was gonna burn down for a moment.

I took the phone to Samsung’s local customer service this morning and was told nothing can be done since I bought it two years ago and it’s no longer under warranty. I’m glad I’m safe and all I lost was the phone considering how close I came to getting severe burns, but I’m pretty bummed. This was an expensive phone that I expected to last me longer, and certainly didn’t expect to almost start a fire at my place.

I contacted them on twitter, but I don’t really expect anything considering how bad customer service is in Morocco. I loved my S7E and my previous Galaxy phones, but I think I’m kinda done with Samsung after this.

e: a word

Edit: Samsung support USA got in touch on twitter and requested some info. I’m not sure what can be done considering where I am, but I’m glad someone at least reached out. I’ll update if there’s any news.

Edit 2: I got a call at work from Samsung Morocco this morning. They apologized and said the issue should have been better handled by the store, and that they’ll be back in touch later today. I went back to the store to see if they’d salvaged my microSD and sim card (tray slot is stuck) and was told they also got a call about the issue and the device will likely be sent in for investigation.

Edit 3: Hi guys. I got another call asking me to drop by the store to sign some paperwork and pick up an S9. The lady over the phone sounded genuinely apologetic about the whole incident, I was relieved and thought you know what, it took some pressure, but they came through and maybe we can start mending this relationship. I get to the store and I’m presented with a document to sign that requires me to delete all social media posts about this without delay and cease all further comments. This is doubly disappointing. My conscience isn’t worth $900, so I guess this is it. Thanks everyone who helped me get my issue heard.

No details have been provided around what condition this two-year-old device was in, or if the user was using proprietary or third-party charging cables.

We have reached out to Samsung for comment and will update this story if we hear anything.

[referenced url=”https://gizmodo.com.au/2018/09/a-samsung-galaxy-note-9-has-allegedly-caught-fire/” thumb=”https://gizmodo.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/samsung_note_7-410×231.jpg” title=”A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Has Allegedly Caught Fire” excerpt=”It’s been two years since the the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recalls and the company has been working hard to reclaim consumer confidence in the series ever since. That may now be in jeopardy after a woman in the U.S. has claimed that her Galaxy Note 9 caught fire inside her purse. She is now suing Samsung to cease further sales of the phone.”]

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