The Fastest Routes To Sydney From Around Australia, Visualised

The Fastest Routes To Sydney From Around Australia, Visualised

When do arterial roads look like real arteries? Well, here you go! Thanks to data visualisation, it’s possible to show how connected (or not) a city centre such as Sydney is with the rest of the country.

“Gullies” is the work of developer Krithin Sitaram who, using data from OpenStreetMap, has created a series of visualisations for Australia, Britain, the USA and Singapore showing the fastest routes to major cities and locations.

In the case of Australia, Sitaram chose Sydney as the “destination”. Then, routes are slowly plotted, showing the quickest routes from various locations around the country. The generation itself is done via Python, using the packages “matplotlib”, “requests” and “osmium”.

If you’d like to give it a go yourself and have experience with Python, Sitaram provides all the instructions on GitHub. You can also peruse the finished results in both PNG and SVG formats.

[GitHub, via Reddit]

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