A New Clip From The Gifted Teases The Tragic Origins Of The Stepford Cuckoos

A New Clip From The Gifted Teases The Tragic Origins Of The Stepford Cuckoos

When Fox’s The Gifted isn’t spending its time getting around the X-Men by reimagining significant parts of their mythos, it actually gets pretty damned close to name-checking heavy-hitters like Magneto by focusing on the characters’ children instead.

It’ll probably be a cold day in the Hellfire Club before we ever see Emma Frost step foot into the world of The Gifted, but this week’s episode “iMprint” will delve into Esme, Sophie, and Phoebe Frost’s pasts to explore how the trio of telepaths became the deadly force we know them as today. Speaking to CBR, actress Skylar Samuels explained how the glimpse of the Frost sisters’ younger days will reveal things about their origins that contextualize their sometimes sociopathic methods of fighting for mutant rights.

Samuels added that this season will also see the Frosts butt heads as they realise that they’re not in sync with one another in regards to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club’s ultimate goals:

“Polaris starts to ask questions. She starts to press on about the ethics of what we’re doing and if it’s the right thing, and Esme then starts to ask questions, but Phoebe and Sophie are dead-set with Reeva. There’s no breaking their legion, so as Polaris starts to question what’s happening in the Inner Circle and as does Esme—Esme actually sort of defects from her sisters a bit and we start to see a faction between the girls, which is really interesting,”

As great as it’ll be to see even more of the Frost sisters’ complicated inner workings unpacked, Emma would never dare call them her Stepford Cuckoos until they got themselves together and managed to turn into organic diamonds. A mother can only hope.


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