Dubai’s Police Force Are Now Using Hoverbikes That Also Look Like Giant Drones

Dubai’s Police Force Are Now Using Hoverbikes That Also Look Like Giant Drones

Like a Sci-Fi thriller brought to life, Dubai has taken its police force to another level with these fully functional Hoverbikes being added to the force by 2020.

It was only last year that the Dubai Police announced they were looking to upgrade their traffic patrol vehicles into Hoverbikes, but to have actually stuck to that promise and come out with some wicked cool tech in only a years time is pretty remarkable.

Hoversurf, a California based Russian company, were the ones to make the Dubai Police Force’s futuristic dreams come true, stepping up to the challenge and providing them in a relatively quick turn around.

The S3 2019 Hoverbike model is exactly what it seems – with a vertical take-off and landing abilities this sick ride is the first step in high tech law enforcement. That being said it does have some pretty major limitations, with the max speed being capped out at 96 kmh. The bike can only sustain a max of 25 minutes of flight with a pilot and 40 minutes when in drone mode.

These numbers don’t sound great for the kind of work the police intend to use it for, but by the year 2020 we may be looking at a complete rehaul of the specs and abilities of the Hoverbike. With battery technology having to keep up with the current demand great advancements are being made in the electric tech field. A jump in the power and versatility of these Hoverbikes by 2020 would not be too far fetched.

Of course if those numbers are right up your own alley these Hoverbikes are on sale for consumer use as well. For only $207,628 you too can own a real life Hoverbike. No need for a pilot’s license either, just sign the check and roll on out into the world we were promised in Back To The Future today.

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