How To Get Rich In Space, According To New Sci-Fi Movie Prospect

How To Get Rich In Space, According To New Sci-Fi Movie Prospect

In the new sci-fi film Prospect, humans travel to space to get rich. Think of it as a space-set version of the California Gold Rush. And now, the filmmakers have created a guide to give earthlings a leg up on all acquiring those valuable resources.

Prospect stars Pedro Pascal and Jay Duplass. We loved it coming out of SXSW where it premiered—and now, writer-directors Chris Caldwell and Zeek Earl have added to the film’s mythology with a pamphlet called “Aurelac Prospecting: Your Guide to Getting Rich on the Green Moon” or just the “Green Moon Manual.” The “Green Moon” is the planet featured in the movie, and “Aurelac” is valuable resource its characters are after.

Of course, Aurelac is so valuable that even when a father and daughter team try to mine some, there are ruthless opportunists who want to take it all for themselves. That’s not covered in this manual, but the rest of it is, including information on the material itself, essential equipment, and more. Here are just a few pages that show how in-depth it goes:

That’s just about half the pages in the full manual, which was made as an exclusive to Regal Cinemas and can be downloaded through the Regal theatres app via the Regal Crown Club using Regal points. It’s very Regal. You can find out more at this link.

As for the manual itself, the fact that English is the second language is just one of the cool details that gives it a very alien feeling. I also love the ads, which add even more authenticity. It’s obvious every effort was made to make this feel as realistic as possible.

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