Lock In Cheap Petrol Prices All Week With This Free App

There’s nothing that delights the careful spender more than getting a great deal. Well, what if you could get a great deal on petrol prices and keep it that way for a week?

The 7-Eleven Fuel App let’s you lock in fuel prices when they’re low and fill up when it’s convenient for you. You can save hundreds of dollars on fuel throughout the year. Best of all: It’s completely free!

This article is brought to you by 7-Eleven. Find the best local fuel price. Lock it in.

All you have to do is download the app for Android or iOS.

You don’t need to login to check out the latest best local fuel prices. However, you will need to register in the App and load up your virtual 7-Eleven Fuel Card with money to lock in fuel prices. When redeeming your fuel price lock you can either use the money on your 7-Eleven Fuel App or another payment method. The app automatically searches 7-Eleven Fuel stores in the local area to find the lowest price.

Here’s a whole bunch of local 7-Eleven Fuel stores:

Voila! Lock it in, Eddy

It’s such a joy to take your 7-Eleven Fuel Price Lock voucher in and know that you’re beating everyone else at the pump. Naturally, if you turn up at a 7-Eleven fuel store and the price happens to be lower than your voucher you can just take the lower price.

Forget the torn-up receipts and barcodes that are littering your front console – this is the true money saver. And the price you lock in on the 7-Eleven Fuel App is valid at any 7-Eleven store (in Australia) – it doesn’t even have to be same location that your app pulled up for you.

There’s a couple of little caveats – like you need to lock in a fuel type (no locking in ethanol prices and grabbing premium. Tsk tsk.). And you need to nominate how many litres you’d like to lock in – max is 150L so it’s perfect for standard cars.

Bonus: 7-Eleven has great offers on their Fuel App and is offering one freebie per day until January 28. There’s a great range of snack options to tempt you. Once again, it’s free to join so why not!