Agents Of SHIELD’s Next Season Might Take Place A Year Into The Future

Agents Of SHIELD’s Next Season Might Take Place A Year Into The Future

The specific timeline of events in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was always been murky at best even before Infinity War made it so that the studio had to begin at least trying to obfuscate specific details about future films that would “spoil” whether certain major characters would return from the dead.

Well, the latest report about ABC’s Agents of SHIELD has just made it a little more difficult to read the tea leaves about the MCU’s future.

According to TVLine, Agents of SHIELD’s next season is planned to be set one year into the future, which is interesting given that the last season’s events happened to coincide with Thanos’ Infinity War invasion of Earth, something that the show mentioned.

Of course, Agents of SHIELD’s fifth season came to a close with no sudden dusting of half the cast, despite the fact that it was initially planned for the show to continue incorporating more elements from Infinity War.

While TVLine’s report isn’t sourced to an official statement from Agent of SHIELD’s production team, the possibility of a jump that far into the future raises questions as to whether the series might ever actually be affected by Infinity War and the subsequent .

From the looks of things, most all of Agents of SHIELD’s cast is coming back for the sixth season in one form or another, meaning that the show’s likely to delve into a completely new plot of its own independent of what’s been going on in the larger MCU. But it’s going to be awfully strange if Agents of SHIELD returns this summer and completely shrugs off Thanos’ attack.

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