Terminator 2’s T-1000 Wasn’t All Computer Graphics

Terminator 2’s T-1000 Wasn’t All Computer Graphics

Films like The Abyss, Jurassic Park, and Terminator 2 might have heralded a new era of digital filmmaking, but realistic computer graphics were still in their infancy at the time.

Old-school practical effects still played a big part in all of those movies, and this behind-the-scenes video shows how Stan Winston Studio brought the T-1000 to life in many scenes without a single pixel.

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of key scenes involving Arnold’s shape-shifting adversary were actually realised through puppets, elaborate costumes and robotics. And the CG morphing effects were mostly called on to transition between before and after shots of the T-1000 doing his liquid metal thing.

Who knew Robert Patrick’s head wasn’t actually split in two for that elevator door shot?

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