Disney’s Millennium Falcon Ride Will Take You On Different Adventures In The Future

Disney’s Millennium Falcon Ride Will Take You On Different Adventures In The Future

Guests who are fortunate enough to visit Disney’s brand new theme park experience, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, will get to fly the Millennium Falcon on a daring mission. And, if they make a return visit sometime down the road, that mission may be different.

Speaking as part of a media event this week at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, one of the executives in charge of the ride—which is called Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run—revealed the news.

“We’ve really taken great care to design this as a flexible experience,” said Asa Kalama, executive creative director at Disney Imagineering. “[One] that, over time, as the stories of Star Wars continue to grow and expand, that there are also really wonderful opportunities for all of you to potentially enjoy some future adventures as well.”

This is both news and, frankly, not a surprise. When Disney refurbished its first Star Wars-themed ride, Star Tours, in 2011, it also built that as a “flexible experience.” Since that time, the ride has changed on numerous occasions, first incorporating scenes from The Force Awakens, then The Last Jedi, and most recently, a teaser trip to Galaxy’s Edge itself. And with more and more Star Wars movies coming, locking Smuggler’s Run into one story would be incredibly short-sighted.

The question then becomes, when will this change happen? Odds are, it won’t be for a while. There’s only one new Star Wars movie coming in the next three years, and plenty of fans will still be riding Smuggler’s Run for the first time. So there’s no rush to change it—but still, it’s nice to know the ability is there to take the Falcon out on another mission eventually.

I rode Smuggler’s Run three times this week and will report all about it tomorrow when Galaxy’s Edge finally opens to the public. However, like Star Tours before it, almost all of the experience can remain fixed for the most part. All that would have to be changed is what happens inside the cockpit to make it a completely new adventure.

Smuggler’s Run opens Friday at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and August 29 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.