You Only Need Two Tools To Unlock This Common Car Boot

You Only Need Two Tools To Unlock This Common Car Boot

Car booting is not only annoying for those who get booted, it’s an easy gateway for scammers to cheat people out of money, it often targets lower-income people, and it also compounds the basic problem of a car being in the way by making it unable to move. It turns out, a very common type of car boot is also super easy to remove without paying any fines.

Editor’s Note: Totally not endorsing lock picking here, it’s just super interesting!

The latest video from hero the Lock Picking Lawyer on YouTube shows you 1., just how easy it is to buy a car boot, which is alarming in its own right, and 2., how easy it is to remove using two tools, one of which you definitely already have:

The Lock Picking Lawyer cites this local news video from 2016 as his inspiration for exploring how to get out of a car boot, which features a story about an illegal car booting operation in the Chicago area where a scammer attempted to get money out of people by booting cars in parking lots without an official city contract to do so.

The boot used in this video appears to be this Oanon Wheel Lock Clamp Boot on Amazon, which is only $US60 ($86) to buy and seems like a surprisingly simple start to a car booting scam operation. The good news is you only need two tools to get it off.

As demonstrated in the video, you need a tubular lock impressioning tool and a large flathead screwdriver. That’s it.

While it may not be likely you have the lock pick tool handy, you may be interested to learn that it costs less than $US20 ($29), also on Amazon. You can also find it on eBay, and even at Walmart.

While there’s a wide variety of car boot methods and machinery out there, it’s nice to know that one cheap method of booting also has a very cheap method of removing.

Of course, if the real police boot your car, and you find a way to cut yourself free, you’re going to end up protracting your problems and getting into more trouble. So don’t do that. I’d recommend parking legally in general, while you’re at it.

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