Forget 5G – Samsung Is Getting Ahead Of The Game With Its Research Into 6G

5G is already old news over at Samsung, as the company’s new Advanced Communications Research Centre begins researching 6G.

“The current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to start leading research on the 6G network,” a spokesperson for the company told the Korea Herald (via TechRadar).

Samsung is trying to edge its way into the telecoms equipment market with its 5G kit, and while it’s not a main contender right now, it’s getting ahead of the game by looking ahead to 6G.

When it comes to 5G, Huawei’s 5G kit is currently used by all four major UK networks, which has the potential for causing all kinds of problems if Britain opts to ban dealings with the company like the US has done.

Health secretary Matt Hancock warned against any rash action, suggesting that the UK needs its own 5G solution to prevent delays of up to 18 months when transitioning to 5G.

The country’s first 5G network went live at the end of May, courtesy of EE, with Vodafone launching its own 5G network on July 3.