Facebook And Twitter Not Invited To White House Social Media Summit This Week

Facebook And Twitter Not Invited To White House Social Media Summit This Week

The Trump regime will host a social media summit this Friday in the U.S. that will include “digital leaders,” according to the White House, but there are at least two major social media companies that aren’t on the guest list. Representatives from Facebook and Twitter haven’t been invited to schmooze with Donald Trump, according to a new report.

The news comes from anonymous sources who spoke with CNN Business, but shouldn’t be that surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention.

Trump has regularly complained that the largest social media companies are biased against conservatives, despite the fact that Trump is arguably Twitter’s most famous user and his presidency probably wouldn’t exist without the tech company.

“They make it much harder for me to get out the message,” Trump told Fox Business back in June, speaking about Twitter. “These people are all Democrats. It’s totally biased toward Democrats. If I announced tomorrow that I’m going to become a nice liberal Democrat, I would pick up five times more followers.”

President Trump currently has 61.8 million followers on Twitter. The three most popular Twitter users right now include Katy Perry with 108 million followers, Barack Obama with 107 million followers, and Justin Bieber with 106 million followers.

There’s no evidence that Twitter is manipulating the follower counts of Trump or the most popular users, though bots often inflate the number of followers considerably.

The White House hasn’t publicly announced who will be visiting on Friday, but some of the attendees have posted their invitations to social media and they all produce pro-Trump content online, including Twitter users Carpe Donktum, Bill Mitchell, and mad-liberals. Carpe Donktum, whose videos have been tweeted by the president, recently raised money to make his trip to Washington, D.C. and is best known for winning an InfoWars meme contest in 2018.

Invitations have also reportedly gone out to representatives from PragerU, the Heritage Foundation, and the Media Research Center. Founded by conservative talking head Leo Brent Bozell in 1987, the Media Research Center has been a longtime voice of extremism, condemning “the normalisation of homosexuality” and denying the existence of trans Americans.

The organisation also regularly accuses those who criticise Donald Trump of being un-American and there’s a fair amount of racism within the organisation as well. Bozell famously called former U.S. President Barack Obama a “skinny ghetto crackhead” on Fox News in December 2011. It’s not clear if Bozell will be in attendance at the White House.

Charlie Kirk, the leader of a college-focused conservative group called Turning Point USA, is also slated to attend the White House gathering. Turning Point became the centre of controversy after one of its members, Candace Owens, said that Adolf Hitler’s actions were “fine” inside of Germany and that “the problem was he had dreams outside of Germany.”

Democratic Representative Ted Lieu even played the remarks during a House Judiciary Committee hearing in April when Owens testified that white nationalism isn’t a problem on social media.

But Turning Point’s most famous campus action involved conservatives who wore diapers at Kent State University to protest so-called “safe spaces.”

It could not be confirmed by press time whether Kirk will be diaped up at the White House. It was also unclear whether Kirk’s diaper will be fully loaded when he shakes hands with the president.

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