Just How Big Is Bag End? Let These Middle-earth Cross Sections Lay It Out

Just How Big Is Bag End? Let These Middle-earth Cross Sections Lay It Out

Bag End, the home of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, is where The Lord of the Rings Saga begins and ends. It’s there the dwarves come to meet about travelling to the Lonely Mountain and where Samwise Gamgee settled after the Baggins leave Middle-earth. There are few more important places in J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic saga, and yet we don’t really know what it looks like.

Oh sure we see a room here, another there. A hallway here and a closet there. But just how big is Bag End? What would it look like if you took away the mountain? Let Adam Middleton, senior concept artist at Weta Workshop, show the way.

Middleton has done several cross sections of other major locations in the saga, and even some that’s almost fan art too, but now he tackles his biggest challenge yet: Bag End.

“During the research phase for this image it was amazing to see how many rooms Bad End actually consists of,” Middleton wrote on his ArtStation page. “I chose only to feature rooms that can be seen in the film trilogies. It was a balancing act juggling how much of the exterior vs. interior to show whilst retaining the iconic look of Bag End.”

Here’s a big, top down look. Click to see it larger.

And here are some close ups and a process shot.

I think the best thing about these images is that Middleton obviously did a ton of research to get it just right. And even so, there are windows that look in on rooms we’ve never seen. Hallways that go to nowhere. This may look like all of Bag End, but it truly isn’t even close.

For more of Middleton’s work, visit his ArtStation page.