Microsoft Announces Surface Event, Will Probably Reveal Dual-Screen Laptop

Microsoft Announces Surface Event, Will Probably Reveal Dual-Screen Laptop

This week Microsoft announced its latest Surface event.

But while an updated laptop is expected every year, there may be a major difference this time around.

Two. Screens.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Dual-Screen Laptops Are Definitely A Thing Now” excerpt=”At Computex last year, ASUS did something a little weird and different with their laptops: they turned the touchpad into a second screen, with an ecosystem of apps to boot. But while watching Overwatch or Twitch in a screen the size of a touchpad is neat, it wasn’t particularly practical. So ASUS went and fixed that. Instead of being a virtual screen embedded within the touchpad, ASUS has squeezed a full-width second screen above a physical keyboard into a 14-inch and 15-inch form factor. Even better: it’s actually usable.”]

Microsoft has been developing a dual screen Surface for a couple of years now, and it’s been rumoured for almost a decade. Back then it was known as the Microsoft Courier and was more like a folding Surface, rather than a dual screen.

Fast forward ten years and the project is now known as Centaurus and will reportedly kick off an entire range of laptop and tablet hybrids.

And according to The Verge, an internal hands on with the device happened earlier this year.

Of course, this may not be what Microsoft has planned for the event. The company has been known to kill off products close to release in the past.

Just last year the widely-reported pocket-sized Surface (codenamed Andromeda) was widely reported on, but still hasn’t come to fruition.

We’re hoping this doesn’t happen again.

But considering that dual screen laptops are having a moment and the HP Omen X 2S was genuinely awesome – it feels like the timing is right for Microsoft to swoop in with its own offering.

It will be fascinating to see what happens, and all will be revealed on October 3 in New York City.

If a dual screen Surface is being unveiled, we sure hope that Microsoft actually live streams it this year.

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