The Best Phones To Buy Pre-Owned

The Best Phones To Buy Pre-Owned

When it comes to buying a phone in 2019, choosing the brand and model to go with is more a question of which operating system you prefer using rather than which has better hardware. While you’ll certainly see a few small differences in the latter, most are fairly negligible these days.

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What I’m getting at here is that you don’t necessarily need to have the latest and greatest hardware to keep up with, say, the latest apps. The latest version of iOS (12.3 at the time of writing) is compatible all the way back to the iPhone 5s, and while that may have a bit of trouble running anything particularly new or heavy, an iPhone 7 or 8 will give you better performance at a much lower price point compared to a more recent model, particularly if it’s pre-owned.

Of course, you’ll wanna purchase from somewhere which rigorously tests the units to make sure they’re in perfect working order, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping around.

Here are five smartphones which are worth considering buying pre-owned.

iPhone XS / XS Max

Apple’s current flagship phone is a step up from the iPhone X, featuring an impressive (almost) full-front OLED display and the powerful A12 Bionic chipset. Being an ‘S’ release means it’s essentially a refined version of its direct predecessor, so there isn’t a ton of difference between the X and XS.

In terms of industry opinion, the XS has scored fairly good reviews across the board, so you’re looking at a very decent handset as far as Apple devices are concerned. And if you’re after something a little bigger, the XS Max is also an option.

Just because this is the latest and greatest Apple has to offer doesn’t mean you can’t pick one up pre-owned. In fact, the company’s next model is set to be announced in September, so if you can hold out until then, you should be able to pick up a pre-owned XS or XS Max fairly cheaply.

If you’re after something powerful that’ll be relevant for a while, the iPhone XS is one to consider.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The last few Samsung Galaxy phones have been well received, and the company’s latest effort is no different. The S10 is aesthetically gorgeous, with one of the best edge-to-edge displays seen on a smartphone yet.

If you’re into photography, its triple rear camera system (standard, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses) will be a huge plus for you. Outside of that, the battery life is wildly good and overall, considered one of the best new Android phones getting around.

Like the iPhone XS, it may be on the pricier end of the spectrum, even as a pre-owned unit, but certainly an option if you’re looking for something with a bit of staying power.

Google Pixel 3

Improving on the build of its predecessors, the Pixel 3 is a powerhouse of a phone strapped to some amazing cameras and great, innovative software. If you’ve been considering switching to one of Google’s phones in the past, this is the one that’ll probably convince you to make the jump.

It doesn’t quite have the edgeless display glory of the previous two units, but what the Pixel 3 lacks in hardware it certainly makes up for in software. As we said in our review, its software-first approach has been “an overwhelming success” here.

You’re still looking at a premium pre-owned device, so that’s worth considering if you’re looking to stay with a newer handset.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 was announced alongside the iPhone X, disrespecting the number 9 completely. Essentially, the iPhone 8 was the last of the design carried on from the 6, making small tweaks along the way until it reached its zenith.

The point I’m making is that the 8 is a great phone, even if it is working with the design and physical home button of yore. It’ll still run most of the apps you’re likely to want and the camera, while not quite as good as later models, is still capable of great shots.

But the best part – and the reason you’d probably be considering one in the first place – is the price. You can pick up a pre-owned 64GB iPhone 8 on a numobile plan with 16GB of monthly data for $55 per month. This also includes a one-off bonus 80GB of data which is usable over the life of the plan.

The company also have a rigorous testing process for their hardware to ensure you’re getting a device which works as it’s supposed to. All devices come with a 12-month warranty, so if you do run into any issues, you’re covered. On top of that, you can change your phone or plan at any time.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Like the iPhone 8, this pretty little thang will do just about anything you need it to, save for some hardware-centric stuff, but that divide is still pretty small.

The Galaxy S8 was the first to feature Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby, and while it’s not much better than Apple’s Siri, it’s a bit of fun to muck around with if you’re into that kind of thing. It doesn’t have the dual or triple camera setup most later models have, but the camera it does have will be more than enough to get you through.

Again, numobile has a competitive deal on a pre-owned 64GB S8, offering the handset on the same 16GB monthly data plan, plus the bonus 80GB, for $47 per month.

You can probably see a theme emerging here. If it copped decent reviews as a new unit, chances are it’ll be just as good as a pre-owned one, too. Whichever you choose, just make sure it’s from a reputable reseller.

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