The New Birds Of Prey Poster Is A Dizzying Display Of How Harley Quinn Sees The World

The New Birds Of Prey Poster Is A Dizzying Display Of How Harley Quinn Sees The World

One of the the major reasons why it’s so easy to get excited about Warner Bros.’ upcoming Birds of Prey, even though there’s been little word on what the movie’s actually about, is that somehow, against all odds, the studio seems to have finally grasped that the public is more than ready for a different kind of DCEU story.

While the street-level Gotham flick’s sure to have its fair share of bloody brawls in grimy alleys, everything about Birds of Prey’s promotional material thus far’s suggested that it’ll also feature Harley and her madcap-ness in a way that’ll keep things as lighthearted as they are terrifying — something none of WB’s cape films have managed to pull off so far. The latest bit of Birds of Prey media, a poster, keeps that energy going with a striking image that tells any number of different stories depending on how you interpret what you’re looking at.

While Harley’s flying around with the rest of Birds of Prey’s characters, what’s interesting is that she’s also larger than life and set behind them, giving you the sense that everyone in the foreground in the image is just a little bird floating around her head as she’s… who knows?

Recovering from getting bonked in the head with her own hammer? Drugged out of her mind at Arkham? Or perhaps she’s just minding her own business and telling herself a fun little story, about how she met a bunch of badasses who convinced her that giving up the villain life might be a good idea. Your guess is as good as anyone else’s, but it makes for a great visual.

Birds of Prey swoops into theatres February 8 in the U.S. with no current Australian release date set.