The Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon Concept Has Stolen My Heart

The Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon Concept Has Stolen My Heart

If you love Kei cars, then get ready for the Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon concept to get your heart beating a little faster, because this thing is delightful. The little van with the big personality debuted earlier at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, and I really want to live in the future that it’s been built for.

Mitsubishi teased us with this back at the start of October, but it has proved to be so much better than expected. The K-Wagon is different from the traditional Kei car in that this thing is super tall and has a slightly more impressive level of ground clearance.

But… yeah, there’s pretty much no chance it’s going to be coming stateside. The K-Wagon concept is designed for Japan and its strictly regulated Kei class. The itty-bitty engine is paired with a CVT transmission to encourage maximum efficiency — which the press release refers to as creating a “brisk” performance. OK, Mitsubishi. Sure.

I can’t imagine you’d want to take the K-Wagon on any American roads, though. For as compact as it is, it’s also very tall and not at all very wide, which I imagine would be frankly terrifying driving anywhere with potholes, strong winds, elevation changes, or even the slightest amount of banking. That does not mean it is not the ideal vehicle for getting groceries or street parking in the godforsaken city we call New York.

I have to say, though — my favourite thing has to be the interior. So many concept cars these days are all about designing their interior like a spaceship, which I have never found to be a particularly comfortable prospect. The wonderful little K-Wagon is very traditionally Mitsubishi, outfitted in cosy brown leathers and fabrics.

The press release hints at the implementation of AI software as well, and I have to say — Mitsubishi, you’ve done a damn good job blending the traditional with the new.

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