An Even Smaller Lego 1989 Batmobile Races Into The Best Toys Of The Week

An Even Smaller Lego 1989 Batmobile Races Into The Best Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular roundup of the best new toys we’re salivating over on the internet. This week, we’ve got a very neat take on one of Netflix’s Ultraman stars, and Batman gets to not only crack nuts in the most uncomfortable looking way possible, he gets yet another sweet Lego take on one of his most iconic rides. Check it out!

Threezero Ultraman Ace Suit Sixth-Scale Figure

Seiji Hokuto might have been a little bit”a lot of a bit really”of a snotty brat in Netflix’s Ultraman anime, but there is one thing we can’t deny: the show’s take on the Ace armour of the Manga (itself inspired by the classic entry in the Ultra franchise, Ultraman Ace) was rad as hell. In a show that is approximately 90 per cent about fighting in cool suits, Ace might have even beaten the default Ultraman armour worn by series protagonist Shinjiro for the best looking Ultra-hero.

So it’s great to see ThreeZero did a bang-up job translating the suit to a one-sixth scale form. Aside from looking great, Seiji comes with a series of alternate hands to pose with, as well as swappable right arm piece to replicate the Ace suit’s hand-cannon. He even comes with alternate forearm and back covers to replicate the suit getting ready to unleash Ace’s special move, the Vertical Guillotine”which is also included in the form of a translucent FX piece, ready to slice any and all badguys in the manner you would expect a superhero move called “Vertical Guillotine” to do. [TNI]

Chronicle Collectibles Conan The Barbarian Sixth-Scale Figure

When a figure is revealed and then disappears for three years for “retooling,” it usually means it will never see the light of day. Thankfully, that wasn’t the fate of Chronicle Collectibles’ sixth-scale Conan The Barbarian figure, which was first revealed at SDCC 2016.

It’s back, with a new body sculpt and a head sculpt that’s unmistakably Arnold, and will be available for pre-order on Chronicle’s website starting today. For around $365, the sparingly but stylishly dressed figure also includes Conan’s Wheel of Pain necklace, the Eye of the Serpent amulet, the Cult of Set medallion, and, if purchased directly from Chronicle Collectibles, it will even include Conan’s father’s broken sword.

McDonald’s Limited-Edition Happy Meal Throwback Toys

There was a time when the toys included with McDonald’s Happy Meals were the best reason to bug your parents to visit the fast food joint. Times have changed, cost-cutting measures means Happy Meals don’t actually include Lego sets when a new Lego movie is released, but all hope isn’t lost. From November 21, McDonald’s is randomly including one of 17 different throwback toys in its Happy Meals, including such notable standouts as a 1997 Beanie Baby, a 1989 Hamburger Changeable and three versions of the McNugget figures from 1988.

Takara Tomy Gachitto Get! Pokémon Poke Ball

It’s disappointing that away from the Switch and Pokémon Let’s Go, Nintendo’s Pokéball Plus controller doesn’t do much of anything. It’s a missed opportunity that Takara Tomy appears to be capitalising on with its new Gachitto Get! Pokémon Poke Ball toy. Available in Japan starting on November 16 for about $75, the ball features a small LCD screen inside that lets players capture one of roughly 300 different Pokémon characters by aiming the ball so that an on-screen cross hair accurately targets whichever creature has appeared, and then slamming the ball shut.

The toy also facilitates other interactions like blowing on the screen to clear away mist or minimising the noise you make so you can quietly creep up on one that might be easily startled.

Kurt S. Adler Star Wars Chewbacca Light Set

Chewie? You OK, bud? “˜Tis the season to throw any sense of decorum out the window and slather your home, and all of your evergreen foliage, with the most garish holiday lighting you can find. Kurt Adler, one of the most prolific purveyors of holiday decor, has strung up everyone’s favourite Wookiee“actually 10 Chewbaccas in total”on a $45 string of lights that’s sure to make the holidays more festive. But that’s assuming Chewie’s head isn’t about to explode, which is exactly the vibe we’re getting from this.

Lego 1989 Batmobile Miniature Replica Exclusive

There are plenty of reasons to lust over Lego’s new 3,300+ piece 1989 Batmobile: it’s a beautiful model with lots of functional features, it’s a fun build, and it comes with what might be one of the best Batman minifigures we’ve seen in years.

Further sweetening the pot is the fact that anyone who purchases the set for $399 between November 29 and December 5 will get a free even smaller Lego replica of the Tim Burton Batmobile that still manages to squeeze in a surprising amount of detail. Hopefully Lego will make this exclusive more widely available next year for those with limited budgets.

Kurt S. Adler Batman Nutcracker

Batman wants you to know that for $75, he’ll crush your nuts“but he isn’t going to be happy about it.


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