BMW Wheels And Paints Are On Point Right Now

BMW Wheels And Paints Are On Point Right Now

Going through all the photos I shot from the 2019 LA Auto Show, I came to the sad realisation that nothing really stood out this year. So many new cars were jelly bean-shaped things in various shades of grey, dark blue, white and grey. I suppose the best we can do is paint them in the most flamboyant colours possible and give them cool wheels. BMW certainly got that memo.

If you’re LA-local and you have some time to kill, do wander over to the auto show and head straight for the BMW stand. There, you’ll see flashy paints, wild wheels, and delightful pearlescent sheens.

First off, there’s this 745e. Ignore the monstrous nostrils; take a closer look at the paint. It’s just grey, right? Not just, my good sir! Depending on how the light hits it, you’ll also see gold sparkles in the paint. But only under direct light, it seems. Those convention centre overhead lights are bright enough to bring it out.

It’s almost like a gilded blush and reminds me of a blush I use, actually. (It’s from NARS and the shade is called Orgasm, if you’re curious. I’m not in charge of naming this stuff.)

Then we have this 530e. Again, looks grey at first. But when you get closer, you’ll see the grey is actually mixed with a sparkly, minty-green paint. Grey can either go warm or cold in tone, but this green definitely makes it a cooler grey.

This M8 Competition convertible is already great in its fiery, orange colour. But just look at those wheels! I’m really loving the black and silver contrasting spokes. Paired with a gold brake caliper, the combination is stunning.

Maybe it means I am immature, but I’ve always loved a good blue matte car. Matte black is so blah. Life is short! Get the blue matte. And contrasting wheels, too, like this M8 Comp coupe has got.

The yellow you see on recent M cars is pretty divisive. Some people love it (people like me) and others say it reminds them of pee. Listen, just because pee happens to be yellow doesn’t mean all yellow paints are therefore the colour of pee. Also, if your pee is this yellow you should probably drink more water.

I’d especially like to draw your attention to the wheels on this M5 Competition. They are perforated, don’t you see? Gives them dimension.

This is the first time I’ve seen the M235i xDrive in person and BMW chose a good colour for it. Cerulean, I think it is, as I have been taught by Miranda Priestly. The diamond-pattern in the grille is eye-catching, as is the gunmetal grey material the kidney grilles themselves are made from.

The rear design, though? That’s a bit unfortunate.

There’s nothing I love more than a good purple car. This M8 Gran Coupe is a lovely plum colour, one that I’d like to have a suit made in. Contrasting wheels? Check.

And then I saw the wheels on this M2 CS. I ran to them. They are so, so gold! Almost in danger with clashing with the brake callipers, which are also gold. There can be such thing as too much gold, but that’s not the case here. The gold is good, as is the sky-blue paint.

I was also finally able to see the Alpina B7 in person. That green is as righteous as you imagined it to be. Rich and foresty, it’s almost that very ’90s blue-green everyone had. Except way more sparkly and metallic. Give me a set of gold wheels on that and I’d be all set.

Lastly, there’s this M8 Gran Coupe that quite honestly looks as though I painted it in Forza. The pearlescent paint shimmers from green to purple, which is a colour I recall seeing on TVRs in the game. That paint will draw eyes wherever it goes. The wheels look gold, too, which goes great with the rest of the car. I dig.

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