Don’t Forget About Star Wars Resistance

Don’t Forget About Star Wars Resistance

In the midst of Mandalorian fever sweeping Star Wars nation, you may have forgotten another Star Wars show is also currently on the air. That show is Star Wars Resistance and, to be frank, this season has been fairly uneventful so far. You’d be forgiven for overlooking it. However, right in time to compete with its live-action relative on Disney+, Star Wars Resistance broke out of its rut with “The Relic Raiders,” an excellent new episode that talked about the Force, Sith relics, new First Order troopers, and more.

The episode began with Kaz, Torra, and Freya tasked with visiting a nearby planet to get supplies for the Colossus. Not a great start, to be honest, because pretty much every episode since , has been about Kaz and his friends going to a planet to get different supplies. That meant you may have felt a little like C-3PO”Here we go again””while watching.

Very quickly though, “The Relic Raiders” proved itself to be different. When Kaz, Torra, and Freya arrived on the planet, the marketplace had been abandoned because a mysterious temple had risen from the ground. While on the outside it looked like a Temple of the Force, inside we found out it was actually a Sith Temple. That felt more Rebels than Resistance, which isn’t a bad thing.

Inside, Kaz was Kaz, getting into trouble and falling into some dumb trap. Once in the trap though, he meets a character named Mika Grey.

Mika is an ancient relic hunter who was being hunted herself by specialised First Order stormtroopers who do the same thing. Once she and Kaz escape, she tells everyone about First Order Raiders”the name for the specialised troopers”whose only job is to find relics for the Supreme Leader. Whether that means Snoke (who, by this point, has been dead for a few weeks probably) or Kylo Ren, is unclear. Probably Ren though because we know he loves that kind of thing.

Mika is forced to use the Sith artefact she found in the temple, Indiana Jones-style, to kill all the troopers, rendering the artefact, and whatever secrets it held, useless. Without a relic to hunt, and since her ship was blown up in the action, Mika is invited to go back to the Colossus with everyone. On the way, she’s asked about her relationship with the Force. Mika explains that while she’s not Jedi, nor Sith, she understands the Force and explains that it finds people in all different ways, which is when the show cuts back to Kaz.

Earlier in the episode, Kaz mentioned the Force and the Jedi (which is a rarity on Resistance) and acted like he didn’t believe in either. Which, as we know from The Force Awakens, was a fairly common mindset at the time. But now with Mika aboard the Colossus, maybe he’ll be getting a few lessons in the Force after all?

I’ve been watching Resistance every week since this season started, just waiting for things to take off a bit. This is the final season, after all, and if you remember from the trailer, we know Kylo Ren is in the show at some point. Plus you have to think the Colossus eventually meets up with the show’s namesake, the Resistance, to tie up loose ends with Poe and Leia at the very least. There’s still over half the season left to go, though. Hopefully “Relic Hunters” is the spark that lights the fire under the arse of Resistance.

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