How To Make Google News Show Multiple Languages

How To Make Google News Show Multiple Languages

If you’re multi-lingual, the Google News app just became a whole lot better.

It now allows you to have content from two languages in your News feed. Here’s how to enable it.

Users will now be able to read Google News app stories in each chosen language.

“For example, this means you can stay up to date on the news in English and Hindi at the same time, and enjoy articles from local news outlets in both languages alongside one another. You’ll be able to connect with any of your favorite publishers and topics from anywhere around the world,” said Google in a blog post.

“We’ll still apply your previous personalisation preferences, giving you the most relevant articles and topics you care about across your language choices, so you’ll never miss a story.”

This new functionality is available for 41 languages and across 141 countries.

Here’s how to activate it:

  • Go to your app settings
  • Click on languages and regions of interest
  • Click add a language and region
  • Scroll down the list or search for the language you want and select it
  • Done! You’ll see your two selected languages listed


Mutli-language feed support is now available on the Google News app for Android and iOS.

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