Our First Tiny Glimpse At Halloween Kills Teases A Familiar Callback

Our First Tiny Glimpse At Halloween Kills Teases A Familiar Callback

Sean Bean is heading to Snowpiercer, but not quite yet. Brannon Braga and Seth McFarlane are teaming up for a Clive Barker adaptation. Supergirl casts another recurring threat. Plus, Stranger Things is looking for some interesting characters to cast in season 4, Amazon sets its sights on more genre adaptations, and a glimpse of M. Night Shyamalan’s next series. Spoilers!

Clive Barker’s Books of Blood

According to Deadline, Star Trek’s Brannon Braga and Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane are teaming on a new film adaptation of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood for American streaming service, Hulu.


Variety reports cameras are already rolling on a live-action film adaptation of the popular webcomic series, Dampyr. Directed by Riccardo Chemello and starring Wade Briggs, Stuart Martin, Frida Gustavasson, David Morrissey, Sebastian Croft and Luke Roberts, the story concerns a flim-flam man pretending to rid towns of vampires during the Balkan War. Naturally, complications arise when said conman finally comes up against the real thing.

Halloween Kills

Jamie Lee Curtis has our first at Halloween Kills, including footage of Laurie Strode being rushed to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, just as she was in 1981’s Halloween II.



According to Deadline, Sean Bean has joined the cast of Snowpiercer’s already-in-production second season.


TV Line reports Nick Sagar (Shadowhunters) will recur throughout Supergirl’s fifth season as the Doctor Octopus-esque “Rip Roar” seen in the promo for next week’s episode.

Stranger Things

TV Line reports Stranger Things plans to cast four new male characters in season four, including “a metalhead” an “entitled jock” and “a character that sounds an awful lot like the twin of Fast Times at Ridgemont High stoner Jeff Spicoli.” The outlet cryptically notes another character will “possesses characteristics that suggest he will figure prominently in a certain storyline set far, far away from Hawkins.”

The Power

According to Deadline, Leslie Mann will star in Amazon’s upcoming series based on Naomi Alderman’s 2016 thriller sci-fi novel, The Power. The “10-episode feminist thriller” will reveal what happens when every teenage girl in the world is suddenly given the power to electrocute people at will. Mann is set to play Margot Cleary-Lopez, the Mayor of Seattle.

Bone White

Amazon is also developing a series based on Ronald Malfi’s novel, Bone White, from screenwriters Henry Chiasson (Antlers) and Warren Littlefield (“The Handmaid’s Tale”). The story concerns an agoraphobic professor who unravels a conspiracy in the Alaskan wilderness after he receives a telepathic distress call from his twin brother. [Deadline]

Hotel Beau Séjour

Deadline too has word Sky is developing an English remake of the Belgian supernatural crime series, Hotel Beau Séjour, concerning a ghost who investigates her own murder.


Finally, M. Night Shyamalan has a new teaser for his upcoming spooky doll show, Servant.


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