Join Dark Rey For A High Price, And More Of The Most Villainous Toys Of The Week

Join Dark Rey For A High Price, And More Of The Most Villainous Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of all the coolest and shiniest merchandise we’ve seen on the internet lately that is sadly not on discount today! This week, join the dark side with Star Wars collectibles from The Rise of Skywalker, and iconic movie monsters get very colourful makeovers. Check it out!

Lanard Toys Alien Action Figures

Like a lot of pessimistic sci-fi, the Alien films give a glimpse of a gritty future where, despite lots of neat technology, humans struggle to survive. But Lanard toys, known mostly for military themed action figures, has a new line of Aliens figures, vehicles and creatures, that look straight out of an ‘80s Saturday morning cartoon—just look at those colours.

Details on pricing and availability aren’t known yet, but three sets have been revealed so far, including the Alien Collection Xenomorph Swarm and Colonial Marines Vs. Aliens two-packs, as well as a 12-inch tall Alien Queen complete with a button activated pop-out mouth.

Hot Toys Rise of Skywalker Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

Sure, it basically looks like Hot Toys’ excellent The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi Kylo Ren figures. But he’s got a new hat! And a new cloak! And he holds his lightsaber the other way round! That’s totally reason enough to throw down another $380 right?

To make up for it, Hot Toys’ latest crack at Ben Solo does at least have a few fun features. That new helmet, for example, lights up to amplify all the cracks in the reforged mask, and to pair nicely with his LED lightsaber—which itself comes with a bonus blade piece to replicate the weapon in motion. Aside from those, Kylo comes with what’s pretty standard for a Hot Toys figure these days—alternate hands for posing, an alternate, unmasked head, and a display stand to pose him on.

Sadly, you won’t have him in time for The Rise of Skywalker’s premiere—the figure’s currently set to release around April…2021. Hoo boy. [Hot Toys]

Citizen Brick Party Rights Advocates (Beastie Boys) Custom Lego Minifigures

It’s no surprise there’s a thriving community of third party parts and accessories for the world’s most popular building toy—and it’s even less surprising that these smaller companies do whatever they can to avoid a letter from Lego’s lawyers. Citizen Brick creates hundreds of custom minifigures based on characters neither it, nor Lego, has the rights to.

As a result, if you want to have tiny replicas of the Beastie Boys strolling through your Lego town, you’ll need to settle for these new Party Rights Advocates minifigures instead, which will set you back $68 for the three-pack.

NECA Godzilla: King of the Monsters Burning Godzilla

Sure, you might already have NECA’s impressively weighty King of the Monsters Godzilla action figure, which packs enough heft into its 7-inch scale form to effectively bludgeon a home invader to death (or at least really fuck their face up with all those spines). But is it glowing amber with the furious intensity of Burning Godzilla? Absolutely not. So you need this Target-exclusive version of the figure as well, surely!

Replicating Godzilla’s primal, climactic all-out-attack on Ghidorah in the third act of King of the Monsters—an homage to the iconic transformation of the same name in 1995’s Godzilla vs. Destoroyah—this is the same figure just… well, all burning-y. It’s a very pretty alternative take on a great Godzilla design, and considering it retails for the same price as the normal figure, it’s a nice variant to have. [Toyark]

EFX Rise of Skywalker Dark Side Rey Lightsaber

That teasing shock of Rey, clad in black robes and flipping open a dual-bladed, crimson lightsaber in the D23 Rise of Skywalker teaser has so far brought little in the way of merchandise, which is shocking because, well, this is Star Wars, and everything is merchandisable. But at least the first merch for it is going all the way in. EFX’s glorious recreation of the sinister lightsaber can be displayed in either its folded or unfolded forms, which, of course, means you can actually flip it open and like Rey does when you’re not displaying it on the provided hardwood base.

We would advise not doing so though, because this thing costs $US1,600 ($2,366). So maybe flip it very, very delicately. Only 750 of the 1:1 scale replicas are being made, and if you want one, you have to throwdown a hefty deposit of around $750. Some things are worth being evil for, right? [EFX]

Hasbro Monopoly Longest Game Ever

Love Monopoly? The latest edition of Hasbro’s iconic board game is strictly for those who love to spend hours on end building their real estate empire while financially ruining all who dare land on their properties. The board is now twice as long, with 66 properties in total that must all be purchased before the game comes to an end. Monopoly Longest Game Ever, available now for $30, also only includes one die, so moving around the board is agonisingly slow, and the gameplay continues even when a player runs out of cash, as the rules permit bills to be torn in half to double the bank’s cash supply. And you thought family get togethers were already torture.

Hasbro Monopoly Speed

Hate Monopoly? The next time visiting friends suggest playing the popular board game, you can whip out the new Monopoly Speed version (available December 1 for $30) which promises to be over in less than ten minutes. Every player gets their own dice and rolls and buys properties all at the same time through four rounds where everyone is competing to snap up, sell and trade properties while an included timer counts down. Getting out of jail is completely free, and two Go spaces ensure financial ruin is impossible. The goal here is to become filthy rich faster than everyone else does.

Medicom MAFEX Batman: Hush Superman

It might be a bit weird for Medicom to specifically base their latest Man of Steel on a Batman comic arc, but given the crucial role the mind-addled Superman plays in Hush, it’s cool to see them deliver this incredibly specific take. As well as an articulated cloth cape, two heads (one with red eyes and a snarl, the other “normal” with a grimace), and alternate hands, the Hush Supes also comes with a series of vine pieces to wrap around his neck and forearms, replicating Poison Ivy’s control over him.

And if you already have Medicom’s Hush Batman on order, good news! Superman actually comes with an accessory for him too: a fist with the kryptonite ring Bruce uses to subdue his controlled friend. You’ll have to wait a bit to get use out of it though: Superman won’t ship until July of next year. [Medicom]

Columbia Star Wars Force Editions Challenger Jacket

As in years past, Columbia is once again welcoming the impending arrival of winter with a new Star Wars collaboration. But instead of recreating the warm gear associated with the films, the company now wants those living in frigid climates to choose a side—dark or light—for its new Challenger Jacket, Star Wars Force Editions.

In addition to colour schemes reflecting the two different sides of the Force, each unisex jacket features Star Wars logos, Aurebesh lettering, and lightsaber graphics on the inside. They’ll be available starting December 6 on and at select Columbia stores around the world for $US200 ($296). But for an extra $US700 ($1,035) you can get one of 20 jackets signed by Mark Hamill, with the proceeds going to college access programs and scholarships.