Of Course Porsche’s Museum Storage Garage Is Full Of Treasures

Of Course Porsche’s Museum Storage Garage Is Full Of Treasures

The Porsche factory museum in Stuttgart is one of the world’s greatest treasure-troves of elegantly displayed cars. But apparently even that joint can’t fit everything cool that the company’s collected. Here’s a look at what’s in Porsche’s proverbial junk drawer.

The Speedhunters took a quick walk around Porsche’s storage garage and saw quite a few amazing machines; highlights include a 959 S, a 918 prototype, and a couple of 911 GT1s but really pretty much everything the camera pans over is interesting to some extent.

Tour guide Beny Marjanac tells the camera op that “20 per cent [of the cars down there] are drivable within 30 minutes,” as in, road-legal and ready to go. So, a lot of this hardware might take a little time to dust off. But it’s all worth saving. And admiring.

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