Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon Chips Are Really Going Heavy On The Cameras

Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon Chips Are Really Going Heavy On The Cameras

If a company doesn’t make its own chipsets (like Apple, Huawei, and Samsung), chances are it comes packing Qualcomm hardware. They’re a big deal, obviously, and today it’s just given us our first glimpse at its new chipsets at the Qualcomm Summit in Hawaii. And the company is going really heavy on camera capabilities, among other things.

Three new Snapdragon chipsets are on the way: the 765, 765G (the G stands for gaming), and the 865 5G. We don’t know a lot about the new chips at this point, but we do know that Qualcomm is focussing on the three key areas of camera capabilities, AI, and multiplayer gaming. Though cameras seem to be where a lot of the focus is right now. As far as we’ve been told anyway, since we’re only on day one of the three day event.

All three chips are designed as a ‘global 5G solution’, with support for multiple frequency bands that account for all the different ways 5G has been rolling out across the world. And the 7 and 8 series both have the same transceiver and front end technology, so if a carrier offers support for one they can offer support for the other.

What we know about the 765 chips are they’re based on the x52 modem system, up to 3.7Gbps download speeds thanks to a modem RF system that no other chip company is able to use.

The 865 5G is the ‘premium’ chip, based on the x55 modem, and offers support for Gigapixel camera speeds, which means 8K video at 30fps, 4K video with 64MP of resolution on each frame, and cameras that offer up to 200MP of resolution. Though nobody seems to have clicked that it’s not all about the resolution, it’s nice that they’re thinking ahead.

The 855 also promises a billion shades of colour, will offer desktop gaming features on mobile, and can handle 15 trillion operations per second (TOPs) which it claims is two times more than the 855 that launched last year, and three times more than its Android competitors.

Qualcomm also promises that they’re going to be modular platforms, which is supposed to make design and layout work much easier – especially for companies that don’t have the resources to create everything.

That’s everything we know right now, though there are still two days to go and Qualcomm will have plenty more to share in that time.

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