Sydney’s Mobile Network Is The Worst In Australia

Sydney’s Mobile Network Is The Worst In Australia

Let’s pour one out for Sydney.

A new report has revealed that it has the worst performing 4G and 3G mobile networks out of the 5 most populated major cities in Australia. You hate to see it.

Global mobile data analyst Tutela just released a new mobile quality report for Australia and New Zealand. It delved into the data across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide to determine how good mobile connectivity is in each city.

Cities and service providers were predominantly judged by a ‘consistent quality percentage’. This determines which network and city is best equipped for demanding internet usage.

The data was collected between April 1 and September 30 2019 and consisted of 10 million speed tests and 133 million latency tests.

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Median download speed was also factored into the overall results, which is important when you take a closer look at Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Adelaide came in hot with at 88.8% for consistent quality and a median download speed of 26.8Mbps, proving once again that we should all be moving there.

Sadly, Sydney sat at the bottom of the pack on 86.1%. Now to be fair, Perth copped the same percentage but had a higher median speed of 24.1Mbps to Sydney’s 26.3Mbps.

Sydney-siders might be desperate to point out that Melbourne has a lower median download speed of 21.3Mbps, but it also had a superior consistent quality percentage at 87.3% – which made it second behind Adelaide.

Here’s a full list of the results:

Telstra also came out on top, providing the best consistent mobile network quality across every major Australian city.

But hey, it could be worse. Poor New Zealand only had one city creep above an 84% rating and every median download speed was below 18Mbps.

Sorry, mates.


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