Google I/O Puzzle Cracked, Event Details Revealed

Google I/O Puzzle Cracked, Event Details Revealed

Another year, another Google I/O.

Each year the company teases it’s developers conference by making people solve a puzzle to discover the date of the event. This year it is space themed and titled ‘Collaboration of the Cosmos’. At the time of writing the puzzle is less than 10 hours old, and it’s already been cracked.

The puzzle was announced in the early hours of January 24 via the Google Developer’s Twitter account. It linked users to a dedicated mission page that requires people to work together to boost the ‘signal strength’, or, reveal the time and date of Google I/O 2020. In the past these puzzles have been individual in nature.

“The intergalactic satellite network powering this signal board is down. Only by working collectively will we restore the signal to reveal a special message for all the galaxy to see. Can we count on you?”

Those who chose to accept the mission were presented with six constellation satellites they needed to figure out details of and assign frequencies to.

“The satellite cluster nearest your current location has been located. Determine its proper name, then restore its satellites to their original frequencies. If successful, a portion of the Universal Grid will illuminate. Once all clusters are fully operational, the entire Grid will shine brightly and the connectivity of the cosmos restored. Remember, your fellow space citizens will be working alongside you.
Good luck.”

The collaborative efforts have now paid off and it’s been revealed that Google I/O 2020 will once again be held at at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. It will run from May 12 – 14 U.S. time. For us in Australia that will be May 13-15.

Last year Google announced a huge amount of new software and features, such as a system-wide dark mode for Android 10, increased personal security features and the game-changing $649 price point for the Google Pixel 3a.

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