Killer Nuns Are The Coolest Thing About Dracula’s Final Trailer

Killer Nuns Are The Coolest Thing About Dracula’s Final Trailer

While Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ upcoming Dracula series will obviously feature its fair share of moments in which the titular vampire terrifies the living daylights out of unsuspecting mortals. But it’s also meant to tell a story about what kinds of things legitimately strike fear into the hearts of the bloodsucking undead. Sunlight? Sure. Holy water? Why not. But what about an order of vampire-hunting nuns?

In Dracula’s final trailer we see how the vampire’s presence in a European town quickly prompts the human population to begin investigating just what sort of supernatural menace they’re being plagued with. Dracula’s (Claes Bang) accustomed to living in the shadows and having to be careful not to be detected by those who would hunt him.

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But here we see that once a local convent—led by Sister Agatha (Dolly Wells)— catches word about the demon in their midst, they waste no time in getting together to begin what’s essentially Slayer training á la Buffy, shot through with a smidgen of Sister Act energy. It all sounds ridiculous, but when you see a squad of synchronised nuns whipping out stakes, you kinda understand why Dracula has reason to be worried about his survival.

And yes, that is Sacha Dhawan you spotted in there, who we just saw in the premiere of Doctor Who. Busy man, travelling between time and space shenanigans and vampire conflicts.

You can invite Dracula into your home when the series hits Netflix on January 4.