Morgan Celebrates Just Like Me: By Painting Stuff Gold

Morgan Celebrates Just Like Me: By Painting Stuff Gold

When it comes to celebrating events—anniversaries, conquests, the downfall of nemeses—I would say I am somewhat of an expert. There’s always much celebrating to be done when you are me, simply because I am so good at winning. And I must say, Morgan’s Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition is commemoration done right.

I’ve noticed the general mood to be quite down these days. Understandably, when you’re the type of person who needs to “work” to “make ends meet.” I sympathise completely; I once scuffed the heel of my Valentinos while strolling through the garden. I had the maid pay for it with her annual salary so it’s fine, but thank you for your concern.

Anyway, what I’m saying is, you have to celebrate what you can in these dark times. Morgan, that plucky little English company, is celebrating 70 years of the Plus 4, its most popular car, which was first built in 1950. It’s created exactly 20 Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition models and the chassis have all been specially painted gold.

Yes, gold! The perennial colour of hope, happiness and wealth. Paint it gold, that’s my motto. Fountains, clocks, driveways, toilets and staff. Paint it all gold if you can’t already make it out of gold.

From Morgan’s press release:

Morgan recently announced that models built on its famous steel chassis will cease production in 2020, and the Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition commemorates this important moment, too. For the first time ever, the chassis will be painted in gold, highlighting its significance in Morgan’s 111-year history.

I worry not enough neighbours will be able to see the gold if it’s on the chassis, thus not eliciting the optimal amount of jealousy, but the free market dictates you do whatever you want with your money. There is only one god I recognise and it is the spirit of the free market.

Accompanying that gold chassis is a shade of Platinum Metallic exterior paint, dark grey wire wheels, a motorsport-inspired front valance, and various other black trims. Inside, there’s “the finest grade leather,” a Ravenwood veneer dashboard, grey box-weave carpets, and a satin-black Mota-Lita steering wheel. Optional extras include side-screen storage bags, leather-trimmed steering cowl, and door handles and mohair hood cover.

The power in the Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition has also been raised from 154 bhp to 180 bhp. Prices comes to £60,995 (or approximately $116,075, pocket change!). But don’t even worry your little head about it—all 20 cars have already been spoken for. Missing out: it’s a feeling I’m sure you’re very familiar with.

I’m so glad Morgan is following my lead. We’re truly making the world a better place, one gold thing at a time.

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