Star Trek’s Past And Present Collide In Star Trek Online’s 10th Anniversary

Star Trek’s Past And Present Collide In Star Trek Online’s 10th Anniversary

Well, given the climax of Discovery’s second season, it’s more like Star Trek‘s present and far future. But either way, the stars of the two latest shows are teaming up to celebrate a decade of boldly going online.

To mark 10 years since it launched, the MMORPG Star Trek Online“which has envisioned its own version of the memorialised in-game.

But the trailer also reveals a surprise of what’s to come: Legacy brings with it two new episodes of story content for players to work through, featuring a union between Discovery‘s Michael Burnham, and the Star Trek: Picard iteration of Seven of Nine. Ryan returns to her role as she did for the game’s Voyager-themed expansion, Delta Rising, while Sonequa Martin-Green makes her STO debut to voice Michael.

Working through the new content, as well as a collection of Player-versus-Enemies “Taskforces” from across the game’s history, is how players will get that freaky new starship amalgam of Klingon and Federation design recently teased: the Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser, the first ship in the game of its kind pilotable by Captains of both the Federation and Klingon Empire factions.

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Brain-breaking ship designs aside, bringing together Seven and Michael for some Trek-y timey-wimey shenanigans is a fun idea to celebrate STO‘s anniversary, and drawn in people excited about the debut of Picard (right now, PC players can even get the Picard-era 2399 Starfleet uniform for their characters for the ultimate CBS-approved digital cosplay).

It highlights what’s always been cool about the game: how it gets to play with Trek‘s grand legacy on TV, mushing together all those years of love to tell a vision of Star Trek‘s immediate future in the wake of the Kelvin movies. On screen, Picard might be about to “decanonize” much of what STO‘s done this past decade, but that doesn’t take away what a fun and inventive ride it’s often been.

Star Trek Online: Legacy is available on PC now, with the update coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One at a later date.

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