8 Tabletop RPGs That Are Way Hotter Than Valentine’s Day ‘Love Coupons’

8 Tabletop RPGs That Are Way Hotter Than Valentine’s Day ‘Love Coupons’
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The tabletop industry has skyrocketed over the past decade, but there’s one sad truth we all must face: It’s really hard to find a horny board game.

Oh sure, you can find some Sex Dice or a fake Monopoly that replaces capitalism with sexy capitalism, which is ridiculous, not to mention unappealing. But for those wanting to put the “roleplay” in roleplaying games, we’ve combed the internet for some of the sexiest, cuddliest, or life-changing RPGs money can buy.

For this list, we’ve focused on tabletop roleplaying games about diverse expressions of love and sexuality involving two or more consenting adults. But keep in mind: When engaging in any romantic or sexual situations in gaming, even with a romantic partner, it’s important to establish and maintain enthusiastic consent with everyone involved. We encourage all parties to freely express their boundaries without judgment.

Fog of Love (2 players)

It’s time to ride the rollercoaster of rom-com love. Fog of Love is a popular two-player roleplaying board game where each person is half of a budding relationship. Players are encouraged to roleplay as characters unlike themselves—like an eccentric bicycle repairperson or a stodgy private investigator—and figure out how to make this new relationship work. It might end in true love or it might end in heartbreak, but it’s a way to step outside of your comfort zone with your partner and give love from a different point-of-view a try.

Fog of Love is available for $64 on Amazon and $US50 ($74). There are a series of expansions that introduce elements like paranormal romance. Hush Hush Projects has also released a series of covers highlighting LGBTQ+ couples (following discussions on the game’s heteronormativity issues) and is planning an expansion focused on queer relationships.

Star-Crossed (2 players)

There’s nothing quite like that “will they or won’t they” feeling, and Bully Pulpit Games’ Star-Crossed has fostered that into an entire tension-fuelled experience. This roleplaying game has players creating two characters who cannot by any means be together, even though they want to desperately.

A series of scenarios are laid out through cards as players use a Jenga-style tower to literally build their relationship, acting out key moments of tension and longing. If the tower falls, the unresolved feelings are, well, resolved—for better or worse. It’s a great way to build sexual tension with your partner, especially if it’s someone you’ve been with for a long time. After all, there’s no love quite like forbidden love. Star-Crossed is available as a digital PDF for $18. All you’ll need is your own wood block tower to play.

S/Lay w/Me (2 players)

Ron Edwards’ S/lay w/Me is a roleplaying game where one player takes on the role of an experienced adventurer while the GM acts as the Monster and Lover who they encounter during their travels. The Monster wishes to destroy them, while the Lover wishes to help them on their journey—and get much closer to them in the process. Oh, and they can be the same creature, which adds a nice Twilight-esque element to it. This is definitely a game where it’s important to set boundaries (and possibly a safe word) ahead of time, especially for folks wanting to test their kinky limits. Also, keep in mind the art is done in a pulp fantasy style with some naked women. S/lay w/Me is available digitally for $7.

Monsterhearts 2 (3 to 6 players)

Being a horny teenager is hard enough, but imagine if you were also Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld! Buried Without Ceremony’s Monsterhearts 2, the sequel to Monsterhearts, is a “Slice of Life”-meets-“Monster of the Week” story where players are sexy creatures dealing with changing bodies and hormones, while possibly saving the world from the apocalypse. It’s a great game for those wanting to go back to the days of young crushes, backseat make-out sessions, and all the tension around whether you should “do it” at monster prom.

One thing that’s worth pointing out is how mindful the creator of this game is regarding issues of consent in gaming—even publishing a free guide to help players establish boundaries and mindfulness in the world of Monsterhearts. It’s something we’d love to see a lot more of in the industry. Monsterhearts 2 is available as a digital PDF for $15, and there is a print version for $37.

183 Days (2 players)

Tiny Knives’ 183 Days is a card-based roleplaying game where you play out the relationship between two clairvoyants with different abilities but a shared tragedy. Sam can see into the future while Dylan can see many possible outcomes, but going into their first date both of them know their relationship will end in 183 days. Unless, of course, the future can be changed. It’s a heartfelt game about memory, powerful connections, and whether we can change our fate for love. For those hesitant about trying a pen and paper RPG, 183 Days has a “pick-up-and-play” style, meaning you simply flip over the first card in the deck and get started. No character creation required. 183 Days is currently available on DriveThruCards for $30.

Bacchanal (2 to 6 players)

Bacchanal is probably the most lascivious game on this list…and it’s free! Created by M. Paul Buja, it tells the story of Bacchus, the god of wine, who’s come to Earth with several of his friends to throw a wild party unlike any other. Taking place in Puteoli, Italy circa 61 A.D., each character in this GM-less game is a non-resident of the city who’s trying to escape after being accused of treason. But the debauchery is so tempting. Will you successfully escape and be reunited with your companion outside the city gates, or will your love of epic, sexy parties be your downfall? This one can be played with two people, or expanded for a party of up to six. Bacchanal is available to download as a free PDF.

…and then, we held hands (2 players)

It’s important to recognise that there’s a wide spectrum of sexual and romantic orientations. LudiCreations’ board game …and then, we held hands is a mindful exploration of two people in a relationship resolving a conflict. Two players work together to move beads around a board with different colours representing positive or negative emotions they’re experiencing. It ends when they both reach the centre at the same time and hold hands, having communicated their affection in their chosen way. …and then, we held hands is available for about $40 on LudiCreations’ website.

Romance Trilogy (2 to 8 players)

And finally, for those wanting a little variety, there’s this collection of romance-based roleplaying games from designer Emily Care Boss. Romance Trilogy includes Breaking the Ice, a two-player game (with shared GM responsibilities) where you play a new couple during the first three dates of their relationship. There’s Shooting the Moon, a two-to-three player game about a love triangle. Then there’s Under My Skin, a LARP-style roleplaying game where a bunch of characters interact during a single event, leading to all sorts of sexual tension moments, love affairs, and other shenanigans. There are a lot of options on the table for some romantic or sexual situations, and things could get heated! Romance Trilogy is available as a digital PDF for $15—the original version of Under my Skin is also available as a free download.