I Struggle To Find A Better Options List Than The 1992 Subaru Domingo

I Struggle To Find A Better Options List Than The 1992 Subaru Domingo

You’re Subaru and it’s the early 1990s. You need something to make your small family van stand out in a crowded market. It comes to you in a flash: what if you could option it with a tent, a bicycle, a grill, a cooler, a ski rack, several sun visors, a backup mirror, and at least two Momo steering wheels.

This was all available to you, should you have opened up the 1992 Subaru Domingo accessories brochure and flipped through the sections on Outdoor, Family Drive, Audio/Interior, and Exterior. As for me, I only gander through the wonderful PlayWithLegacyRS, a Subaru fan site that scanned a ton of these old brochures. They are all amazing.

It’s stunning just how much gear Subaru was willing to sell you, even if not a lot of it was Subaru junk. The car company wasn’t making a Coleman grill, nor was it producing walkie-talkies for, uh, whatever you use walkie-talkies for. If you and your family wanted to pull off an elaborate heist, I guess the Subaru Domingo accessories brochure was here for you.

The interior section is also wonderful. Since this is a van, you get lots of nice curtains, but also tables, including one for the middle seats and one for the driver. There are also off roading gauges since the car has AWD, and two Momo steering wheels because it’s 1992.

The best part thought may be the wonderful car dress up items, which let you deck out your bigger-than-a-kei-class vanlet with tough wheels and even tougher visors, lights, and mirrors. This is Quadrophenia-grade acessorizing.

Would I be running to the nearest Subaru dealership if I could deck out a new Impreza with this kind of gear? Yes. Extremely yes.

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