In Altered Carbon’s Action-Packed Season 2 Trailer, Anthony Mackie Gets Ready For War

In Altered Carbon’s Action-Packed Season 2 Trailer, Anthony Mackie Gets Ready For War

Takeshi Kovacs may have a different body, but his life and goals haven’t changed. In the first full trailer for season two of Altered Carbon, Anthony Mackie steps into Joel Kinnaman’s “Stack” for an action-packed journey across the galaxy to find his lost love… but he might not like what he finds.

Following his huge investigation that led to the downfall of a powerful family, Takeshi Kovacs is searching for Quellcrist Falconer (Renée Elise Goldsberry), the revolutionary who taught him the value of the self in a world where bodies are disposable and the mind is eternal. He finds himself back on his home planet of Harlan’s World, where he’s tasked with investigating a new series of murders—which end up being connected to Quellcrist.

Here’s the plot synopsis, provided by Netflix:

Season Two of the sophisticated and compelling sci-fi drama finds Takeshi Kovacs, the lone surviving soldier of a group of elite interstellar warriors, continuing his centuries old quest to find his lost love Quellcrist Falconer. After decades of planet-hopping and searching the galaxy, Kovacs finds himself recruited back to his home planet of Harlan’s World with the promise of finding Quell. Haunted by his past and responsible for investigating a series of brutal murders, Kovacs is stunned to discover his new mission to solve the crime and his pursuit to find Quell are one and the same. With the help of his loyal A.I. Poe, Kovacs must now partner with new allies to outwit his enemies and find the truth: Who is Quellcrist Falconer? 

Altered Carbon debuts on Netflix with season two on February 27.