Apple Just Won 69 New Patents (Nice)

Apple Just Won 69 New Patents (Nice)

This week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published 69 patents for Apple. Can we get a NICE?

The freshly minted patents include a stereo system that can tell if its been moved to be more centred and an antenna it acquired from Intel.

This latest slew of patents just a few weeks after an Apple Watch patent was published that revealed a design without the iconic digital crown.

This time around the highlights seems to be more audio and 5G related, though if you look through the list over at Patently Apple you’re sure to find some patent names that will pique your interest.

First up we have a stereo system that will be able to re-configure the sound if it detects it has been moved, tilted or rotated.

The second patent of particular interest comes courtesy of a 2019 report from Apple that was titled Apple Signs Agreement to Acquire the Majority of Intel’s 5G Modem Business to Further Differentiate its Products. The first of the patents has now been published and its for a new antenna system that includes high and mid-band electromagnetic couplers, high and mid-band radiators and support for WLAN, low-band and GNSS frequency ranges.

You can read the full list of the 69 new patents over at Patently Apple]

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