The Latest Attempt At The Lost Boys TV Show Has Found Its Potential Stars (Again)

The Latest Attempt At The Lost Boys TV Show Has Found Its Potential Stars (Again)

The Matrix 4 keeps adding to its mysterious cast. Get a new look at The Hunt’s attempt to return. NBC has found a star for its “doomsday drama” La Brea. A peculiar Mandalorian rumour discusses some intriguing guest directors. Plus, Wally West returns to The Flash and the latest wild goings-on in Riverdale. Spoilers now!

The Matrix 4

According to The Wrap, Ellen Hollman (Spartacus; The Scorpion King) has joined the cast of The Matrix 4 in an undisclosed role.

The Hunt

The Hunt finally sees the light of the day with a new international trailer.


An eight-year old’s imaginary friend has homicidal tendencies in the trailer for Brandon Christensen and Colin Minihan’s latest, Z.

The Lost Boys

Deadline reports Brandon Cook, Lincoln Younes, and Ruby Cruz will star in the CW’s all-new, all-different pilot for a potential Lost Boys television series. Cook will play Garrett, a retooled version of Jason Patric’s character, Michael, while Younes has been cast as Benjamin, a new take on Kiefer Sutherland’s vampiric gang leader, David. Cruz will play Elsie, a character based on Jami Gertz’s character, Star.

La Brea

Natalie Zea has secured the lead role in La Brea, a Land of the Lost-esque “doomsday drama” at NBC in which a massive sinkhole in Los Angeles plunges “a disparate group of strangers” into “an unexplainable primeval world.” [TV Line]


James Purefoy, Edward Hogg, and Jessye Romeo have joined the cast of Pennyworth’s second season. Purefoy will play Gulliver Troy, Alfred’s former SAS Captain described by TV Line as a“charismatic, cultured brute and a powerful man of appetites – whether that be drink, women or danger.” Edward Hogg will play Colonel Salt, “a would-be despot/calculating killer masquerading as an obedient civil servant” while Jessye Romeo is Katie Browning, “an idealistic, defiant and wonderfully naive art student whose life is uprooted by civil war.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Animated Series

In conversation with Syfy Wire, Robert Englund stated he would “love” to lend his voice to a “really expensive animated version” of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Now, if they did a really expensive animated version, a graphic novel animated version, I would love to go do the voice for it. Yeah, that would be fun to do.

The Mandalorian

Salt shakers out but according to Black Series Rebels, James Mangold and Robert Rodriguez will direct select “sequences” of The Mandalorian’s second season. The outlet also reports Bryce Dallas Howard will return to direct another (full) episode for season two. [Star Wars News Net]

Moon Knight

GeeksWorldWide has word that Marvel’s Moon Knight begins filming this November at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Flash

TV Line has photos from “Death of the Speed Force,” next week’s episode of The Flash. Head over there to see the rest.

I Am Not OK With This

The first seven minutes of I Am Not OK With This are now available to view online.

Quibi Originals

The first trailer for the “bite-sized” streaming network Quibi contains footage from Most Dangerous Game, The Stranger, Survive, and The Fugitive.

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew looks for Lucy’s bones in the trailer for next Wednesday’s “The Terror of Horsehoe Bay.”


Finally, Archie, Betty, and Veronica are arrested for the murder of Jughead Jones in the trailer for next week’s episode of Riverdale, “To Die For.”

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