Arkham Knight’s Barbara Gordon Steps Into The Spotlight In The Week’s Most Bat-Tastic Toys

Arkham Knight’s Barbara Gordon Steps Into The Spotlight In The Week’s Most Bat-Tastic Toys

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the coolest toys on our radar lately. This week, Kaiyodo turns an animated icon into a wonderfully posable figure, you can perfect your very best Ghostbusters cosplay with a cool new set of goggles, and Hot Toys finally graces us with a Batman Arkham figure of Gotham’s brightest Bat-family member, Barbara Gordon. Check it out!

Hot Toys Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl Sixth-Scale Figure

Hot Toys has been making figures inspired by the Batman: Arkham games for ages at this point. But, after a sea of Bruces Wayne, we’re finally getting a Barbara Gordon inspired by her appearance in the third game in the trilogy’s DLC. Barbara, as any good member of the Bat Family should, comes with swath of accessories, as well as all the standard Hot Toys alternate hands with which to hold those wonderful toys.

What wonderful toys, you ask? She has not one, but two batarangs to throw into battle, as well as a grapnel gun, which actually comes with an attachable bat claw should you want to pose Batgirl swinging into action. The coolest of all of them however, is the remote hacking device both she and Batman use in the game to gain access to sneaky areas and listen in on goon comm traffic—using a thin, transparant piece of plastic to recreate the holographic UI it has in the game.

And if that wasn’t enough to please her, she literally has a swappable face part to show her smirking to indicate that pleasure! Delightful. The Arkham Knight Batgirl is set to release in winter 2021. [Hot Toys]

Kaiyodo Complex Movie Revo Winnie the Pooh Tigger Figure

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is that Kaiyodo, known for its obscenely articulate action figures, has added Winnie the Pooh’s energetic tail-hopping friend to its Complex Movie Revo line.

At just shy of four and a half inches tall, the figure still packs more than 15 ball joints, allowing for endless Tigger posing possibilities. It also includes five different swappable face plates for varying expressions, two pairs of interchangeable hands, and a tiny Piglet figure. The customisability helps explain Tigger’s $147 price tag when he’s available sometime in July.

Hollywood Collectibles Group Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles Prop Replica

With another Ghostbusters sequel en route (although when it will hit actually hit theatres could be a mystery), we’re seeing a renewed interest in the franchise again, which means more collectibles. Hollywood Collectibles Group recently announced its new Ecto Goggles, “designed to allow the wearer to see invisible ghosts and visually track P.K.E. valences.”

Even at around $650 the goggles are non-functional, but are impeccably detailed with a paint job and weathering all applied by hand. HCG recommends against actually wearing the goggles, since they’re designed to only sit atop an included custom display base. But there isn’t a Ghostbusters fan out there who could resist trying them on at least once.

Star Ace Toys Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega Sixth-Scale Figure

Though his stories contain lots of action, Quentin Tarantino doesn’t make movies that are particularly action figure friendly. But after Pulp Fiction revived his career, anyone wanting a John Travolta figure (they have to be out there) had to mostly settle for scanning eBay for Battlefield Earth figures. At $488, Star Ace Toys’ 12-inch Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega is a considerable step up from Terl figs, with over 30 points of articulation, a hand-painted movie-accurate head sculpt of Travolta, a full outfit with a trench coat, the film’s iconic briefcase, and even a reel-to-reel machine and a white sofa, when available sometime in the third quarter of 2020.