Catwoman Gets A Glorious Animated Series Action Figure, And More Purrfect Toys

Catwoman Gets A Glorious Animated Series Action Figure, And More Purrfect Toys

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the latest and greatest bits of plastic threatening our wallets. This week: Lego gets its May the 4th celebrations on by giving the worst Star Wars ship a lovely set, Neon Genesis Evangelion Tamagotchis make us question things we’d really rather not, and somehow, there’s even more Baby Yoda. Check it out!

Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series A-Wing Starfighter

By comparison, at 1,673 pieces, Lego’s new Ultimate Collectors Series A-Wing Starfighter isn’t as massive a building challenge as the UCS Star Destroyer or Millennium Falcon, but at $329.99 when available starting on May 1, it’s also one of the more affordable models in the UCS lineup. It’s not the first A-Wing model Lego has produced, but a removable canopy gives access to a new highly detailed cockpit design that an included A-Wing pilot minifigure can sit inside”or he can be perched on an included display stand next to a plaque featuring technical details about the craft.

Mondo Batman: The Animated Series The Catwoman Sixth-Scale Figure

Based on the character’s appearance in the beloved Batman: The Animated Series, Mondo’s sixth-scale Catwoman figure looks like an animation cel ship sometime in June, for $US165 ($259) and international shipping is available.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Tamagotchi

If you’re avoiding the responsibilities of owning a pet or having a child, but still want to feel needed, Tamagotchis, the keychain dependents you can’t write off on your taxes, are still around. Since the “˜90s they’ve developed more abilities, and now let you care for tiny pixelated creatures like Pokémon and Pac-Man, but if those feel a little too childish, you can now tend to one of 20 Angels from the existentialist mind-warp of a legendary animated series that is Neon Genesis Evangelion. The tamagotchis come in three designs, inspired by the EVA mechs piloted by Shinji, Asuka, and Rei on the show. But, perhaps appropriately given the context, we can’t help being a little freaked out at the idea of EVA-esque shells raising the alien invaders they were made, through horrifying manners, to destroy. [Hypebeast]

Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian The Child

A lotta “The”’s for such a little package! We’ve known that Hasbro’s been working on a 6″-scaled Baby Yoda for a while at this point, and while we got a glimpse at Toy Fair earlier this year, now official pictures have begun to hit retailers ahead of the wee one’s release next month. And yup: he’s a cutie.

The Hasbro Baby Yoda comes with the asset himself of course, but he’s joined by his bone broth bowl, a frog to snack on, and even the little control knob from the Razorcrest to play with. Oh, and a giant hunk of translucent plastic basically the same size as the lil’ puddin that holds all of his accessories. They have to justify that this 1.2”-tall actual baby will cost you $19.99 in Australia somehow, after all. [Toyark]

Hollywood Collectibles Group Aliens USS Sulaco Large-Scale Model

April 26 is just around the corner, a date which has unofficially been co-opted by Disney as Alien Day, given the 4/26 correlates to moon LV-426 where a lot of nasty stuff went down in the 1986 film Aliens. Since planning a party or getting together isn’t allowed right now, a considerably more expensive way to celebrate the fauxliday is with Hollywood Collectibles Group’s new 44-inch long replica of the Conestoga Class Light Assault Starship, the USS Sulaco. Limited to 500 pieces and extensively detailed with hand painting and weathering, it will set you back $US1,200 ($1,885), with a complimentary display stand included. The site does ship internationally too.

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