This Ghostbusters Fan Art From Afterlife’s Youngest Star Is Beyond Adorable

This Ghostbusters Fan Art From Afterlife’s Youngest Star Is Beyond Adorable

Ghostbusters Afterlife is introducing us to a whole new generation of bustin’ heroes: quite literally in the case of McKenna Grace’s Phoebe, the granddaughter of Egon Spengler himself. But it turns out that as well as inheriting the proton pack, 13-year-old Grace is dabbling in fan art for a new Ghostbusters tribute book.

io9 can exclusively reveal two new spreads from Ghostbusters: Artbook, being published by Insight Editions next month. With a forward from Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman himself, the tome is a celebration of Ghostbusters history through the art of dozens of talented artists, from official posters to great celebrations of all things ghostbuster-y.

Or, as you’ll see below, a chance to see one of the franchise’s newest, and youngest, stars try their own hand at a bit of drawing. Check out Grace’s rendition of the legendary shapeshifter Gozer the Gozerian as it appeared in its feminine form in the original Ghostbusters below, alongside an interpretation of Gozer and the Terror Hounds by artist Blair Sayer:

Honestly? Pretty damn great for a 13-year-old, let alone one who now also gets to fall back on the credentials of “Actual Ghostbuster in Actual Ghostbusters Movie” too! If that wasn’t enough goodness, we also have this look at the Ecto-1, three ways: featuring art from Francisco Perez, Doug LaRocca, and Justin Harder.

Ghostbusters: Artbook hits shelves on May 19.

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