Spotify Finally Allows You to Add as Many Songs to Your Library as You Want

Spotify Finally Allows You to Add as Many Songs to Your Library as You Want

Long before Spotify was a thing, I collected music on my computer during my college days. That collection, which had everything from Cradle of Filth to Dashboard Confessional, to Reverend Horton Heat, easily surpassed 10,000 songs by the end of my first semester as a freshman. By the time I graduated, I had close to 40,000 songs, which are still on that old external hard drive. I definitely had to spend a lot of money on the requisite hardware, but now that we’ve been able to stream music to our phones for a while, there’s no such thing as limits — at least that’s how it’s often felt. But Spotify has capped the number of items you can add to your library for a long time. On Tuesday, the music streaming service announced that it’s stepping into the limitless present and trashing that archaic 10,000 song restriction.

In its recent announcement, Spotify said the now unlimited library means you can like songs and albums to your heart’s content. You won’t have to curate your library anymore or worry about what songs you should get rid of to make room for more. Now the Spotify library functions like the hard drive full of music from my college days, with the convenience of not actually having to store any of the music on a hard drive.

As the company points out, users have been requesting this feature since 2014. It’s not clear why it took Spotify six years to finally implement it, but it’s here. If you’re still getting the ‘all filled up’ message, don’t worry — Spotify is rolling out its new feature in waves, so if you aren’t able to go over the 10,000 item limit right now, it should be an option soon enough.

However, there is still a limit of 10,000 items on playlists, which is about 615 hours of music, enough to listen to music for 20 hours a day for an entire month. And you’re still capped at a 10,000 song download limit across five devices if you like to take your music for offline listening.

The new unlimited library feature comes not too long after Spotify announced it was testing curated playlists around topics like true crime and other popular content.

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