This Excellent Frankenstein Poster Looks Totally Frankensteined

This Excellent Frankenstein Poster Looks Totally Frankensteined

Frankenstein’s monster is kind of like a human puzzle. In most iterations of the story, he was crudely pieced together using leftover body parts before being brought back to life. He’s a hodgepodge. More than a little disjointed. And that’s the energy artist Anthony Petrie shocked into his latest poster.

Based on the legendary 1931 James Whale film, itself based on the classic Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein by Anthony Petrie is the first in a Universal Monsters series by Bottleneck Gallery and Vice Press. It’ll be released at noon EST on Tuesday, May 19 at Vice Press and Bottleneck Gallery. Here are the two editions. First is the regular, a 24 x 36-inch edition of 175. It costs $US50 ($77).

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And here’s the variant, which glows in the dark. It’s a 24 x 36-inch edition of 100. It costs $US65 ($100).

As you can see, Petrie took the idea of Frankenstein being a mix of different pieces to a whole other level, building the character with various styles and consistencies. The result is a poster that looks crudely thrown together but is anything but.

And yes, since they now have the rights, Bottleneck and Vice will be making more Universal Monsters posters in the future. So follow them on Twitter for all your Dracula, Wolfman, and Creature needs, and more.

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