3 Things You’ll Probably Never Do Again When You Get A Smartwatch

3 Things You’ll Probably Never Do Again When You Get A Smartwatch
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In 2020, smartwatches offer far more than a step counter and sleep tracker. Not only have they become super advanced, in some ways they can be considered an extension of your phone. While they certainly won’t replace it entirely, they can grant a level of convenience that could transform how you interact with technology.

Here are three things you’ll never do when you get a smartwatch.

Dismiss your health and fitness

Almost every smartwatch offers some kind of health-tracking feature. This makes it easy to monitor things like your heart rate, daily steps and much more. When these vitals are so easily tracked, it’s much easier to pay attention to your overall health and fitness. This is especially true for anyone whose brains respond to analytics.

For example, when coupled with the HUAWEI Health App, the HUAWEI Watch GT 2e can record things like cardio respiratory fitness, real-time heart rate, calories burned, endurance capacity, recovery time, training volume (which it uses to calculate your training intensity) and more, giving you a massive amount of data to both track and plan your exercise regime.

It also supports 15 workout modes, offering voice guidance throughout workouts to help with specific goals like weight loss or improving endurance; and also has the ability to extend to an additional 85 customised workout modes, while the HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 intelligent heart rate monitoring technology tracks your heart rate data accurately.

Using HUAWEI’s TruSleep™ feature, the Watch GT 2e can even track and diagnose 6 common types of sleep issues, as well as score your overall sleep quality.


With this level of comprehensive data, it’s almost impossible to ignore your health and fitness. Sometimes all we need to kick ourselves into gear is a little nudge and awareness.

Cling to your phone

Leaving the house without your smartphone is like leaving the house without your wallet — getting things done without it can be tough. We now use our smartphones for everything from GPS directions to contactless payments and public transport.

If you still want this convenience but don’t want to always take your phone with you, a smartwatch can help.

Many smartwatches can do all of the above. So if you forget your phone or want to go for a run without it, you can. And if your smartwatch is cellular-enabled, you’ll even be able to make calls and respond to messages without taking your big screen with you.

When it comes to GPS functionality, HUAWEI Watch GT 2e uses GLONASS satellite positioning systems for fast and accurate positioning, which is especially great for activities like hiking.

But even when you do have your phone, a smartwatch gives you the opportunity to use it less, especially with up to two weeks of battery life (46mm version) with the HUAWEI Watch GT 2e.

Bring your phone somewhere it can be damaged

A smartwatch gives you the freedom to take a light version of your phone to places that are usually a little risky. Think more involved workouts like climbing, swimming and trail running.

The HUAWEI Watch GT 2e has 5ATM water-resistance, meaning it can monitor your heart rate, distance, speed and calories burned while you swim, which is something a phone simply can’t achieve right now. With up to 4GB of internal storage, you can store up to 500 songs, meaning you can leave your phone at home while you go for a jog or even a hike.

There’s certainly no doubting the convenience a smartwatch can bring to your life. If you’d like to take advantage of the Watch GT 2e, it’s currently 25% off until June 30 as part of HUAWEI’s EOFY sale.

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