Michael Keaton Could Play Bruce Wayne Again for The Flash Movie

Michael Keaton Could Play Bruce Wayne Again for The Flash Movie

Funny thing about Infinite Earths to could show up.

The Wrap and the Hollywood Reporter are reporting Michael Keaton is in talks with Warner Bros. to potentially reprise his role as the Dark Knight himself for the upcoming, long-in-the-works Flash movie starring Ezra Miller’s version of Barry Allen. The Wrap notes that Keaton’s involvement is still in very early stages, and could go “either way;” it also specifies that Keaton would be playing Bruce Wayne specifically, rather than both the billionaire playboy and his vigilante alter-ego, the Batman, while THR’s report simply states Keaton would be reprising the role he played in the early “˜90s Bat-classics.

THR’s updated report adds that the deal could see Keaton not just return for The Flash, but be part of a multi-film deal that sees him become a mentor in the DC cinematic universe, including a potential appearance in Batgirl.

We’ve known for a while that at least some form of Warner Bros.’ current plans for the Flash movie would involve the DC Comics multiverse in some fashion. It was first revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 that the film, then still directorless, was going to be an adaptation of Flashpoint, the 2011 comic book event that set the stage for the radical overhaul of continuity that established the “New 52″ era of DC Comics.

Since then, whether or not Flash was still Flashpoint ” and who exactly going to direct it, it is currently It‘s Andy Muschietti ” has been a point of contention, although Muschietti did address earlier this year that the movie will tell a “different version” of Flashpoint. One that seemingly brings back a different kind of older Batman than the comic did, apparently.

We’ll bring you more on Warner Bros.’ plans for the Flash movie as and when we learn them. The Flash is currently set to hit U.S. theatres June 3, 2022.

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