Relic’s New Trailer Makes the Challenges of Elder Care Extra Spooky

Relic’s New Trailer Makes the Challenges of Elder Care Extra Spooky

Taking care of your elderly relatives is a real challenge. But at least when your mum needs care, she probably isn’t going to be haunted.

Relic, an Australia-American horror movie directed by Natalie Erika James, a director who’s made her name so far in the world of horror film about a mum who is very, very haunted. Starring Emily Mortimer as Kay and Robyn Nevin as her mother, Edna, it’s a story of a woman who goes missing and, when she’s found, seems to have brought something back with her. It asks powerful questions like, what are your filial responsibilities to the haunted? And, what’s that under the bed oh god oh god oh no?

It looks… real creepy. The film, which premiered at Sundance to positive reviews, is produced by the Russo Brothers of all people, with direction and writing from Natalie Erika James. It’s slated to release on VOD July 10, though we’ll see about the theatres part.

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