Here’s a Deeply Cursed Muppets Adaptation of Hamilton

Here’s a Deeply Cursed Muppets Adaptation of Hamilton

For the past week and a half the internet has been going crazy for Hamilton after it arrived on Disney+. While memes and discussions were to be expected, nobody anticipated a Muppets Hamilton. And yet there is one… and it’s hilariously cursed.

Hamilton Act 1 but it’s Muppets has been birthed into the world by YouTuber Ricky Downes III. It covers the first half of the musical up until, and including, Non-Stop.

Cast List

Kermit the Frog plays the titular role of Hamilton, opposite is long-time love miss Piggy as Eliza. I’m also pleased to confirm that Statler and Waldorf also make an appearance. Here’s a full list of the cast:

  • Alexander Hamilton – Kermit the Frog
  • Aaron Burr – The Great Gonzo
  • Eliza Schuyler – Miss Piggy
  • Marquis de LaFozette – Fozzie Bear
  • George Washington – Sam the Eagle
  • Angelica Schuyler – Camilla the Chicken
  • John Laurens – Beaker
  • Hercules Mulligan – Rowlf the Dog
  • King George III – Animal
  • Peggy Schuyler – Janice
  • Samuel Seabury – The Swedish Chef
  • Charles Lee – Elmo
  • Congressional Delegates – Floyd and Zoot
  • Crazy Patriot – Crazy Harry
  • Statler and Waldorf – Themselves

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Watch Muppets Hamilton

While the whole Muppets Hamilton situation is largely hilarious, what perhaps killed me the most was the part of Angelica. This powerhouse role has been handed to Camilla the Chicken, who just clucks her way through every line. It truly makes Satisfied a piece of audible art.

You can bless your ears with the entire thing right here:


If you want to skip between tracks, here are the timestamps:

  • 0:00 Alexander Hamilton
  • 4:09 Aaron Burr, Sir
  • 6:45 My Shot
  • 12:28 The Story of Tonight
  • 14:01 The Schuyler Sisters
  • 17:09 (Chef) Refuted
  • 19:01 You’ll Be Back
  • 22:33 Right Hand Man
  • 28:04 A Winter’s Ball
  • 29:13 Helpless
  • 33:37 Satisfied
  • 39:05 The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
  • 41:03 Wait For It
  • 44:23 Stay Alive
  • 47:03 Ten Duel Commandments
  • 48:51 Meet Me Inside
  • 50:14 That Would Be Enough
  • 53:12 Guns and Ships
  • 55:20 History Has Its Eyes on You
  • 56:59 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
  • 01:01:09 What Comes Next
  • 01:02:48 Dear Theodosia
  • 01:05:52 Non-Stop

Fingers crossed that we get the second-half at some point too.