Creepy Doll Annabelle Is Just as Restless in Quarantine as Everyone Else

Creepy Doll Annabelle Is Just as Restless in Quarantine as Everyone Else

Annabelle is facing her own sort of quarantine: unable to shoot more spooky movies, she’s forced to live on the New Line Cinema lot, more or less entirely alone. How has she been coping? According to this filmed short, about as well as everyone else. Which is to say: could be better.

Recently published on the Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube channel, this short film is a depiction of how Annabelle is handling the whole quarantine thing, showing a time lapse of her lonely time at the New Line Cinema studio, going from some calm repose to a variety of relatable quarantine activities. She watches movies, she makes food, she even has a drink or two. But just like us non-murderous mortals, she ultimately gets pretty restless. Staying inside most of the time is just rough, whether you’re haunting the New Line offices or just trying to figure out what to do in your apartment.

According to Deadline, this short was filmed by some (properly social distanced, I’m sure) New Line employees before making the rounds internally at Warner Bros. (which owns New Line). It was popular enough that they decided to release it publicly, and what better day than National Doll Day? Which is, apparently, a very real holiday dedicated to, presumably, the very real terror of the dolls your grandmother collects in that one cabinet you pretend to never see.

Annabelle is currently taking it easy until the pandemic eases up, but you can always watch Annabelle Comes Home if you’re looking for your own way to celebrate this incredibly upsetting holiday.

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