Here’s What Your T.50 Would Look Like In Different Colors, But Mostly In A Pink Style Fade

Here’s What Your T.50 Would Look Like In Different Colors, But Mostly In A Pink Style Fade

If you are looking for the most exciting, beyond-the-limit driving on the planet, look no further than what you’d find at Pink Style. If you are looking for the most exciting car to drive on the planet, you’d look at the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50. The two should go together, right?

Normally, I like seeing supercars in otherwise-normal colours. Blues. Greens. Browns.

Still, there’s something about the old Team Burst style of driving that seems to catch a vibe with the T.50. Naoki Nakamura and the drifters he runs with always seem to push their engines far past any RPM limit you’d expect, wailing way against the walls of Meihan and other tracks across Japan. The T.50, all 12,000 RPM of it, has a similar sense of extremity.

Let us return for a moment to that V12. As we wrote in our breakdown on the T.50:

The Cosworth-developed engine is said to be the lightest engine ever installed in a road-legal automobile. The block is built from high-strength aluminium. The connecting rods and valves are titanium. Even the crankshaft and pistons which are made from steel, are as light as possible. All-in, the finished engine weighs just 178 kg. And all of the rotational weight of the crank is mounted as low as possible in the dry-sump engine.

I mean, maybe there’s not a ton of overlap between Pink Style fans and people who could afford a T.50. Should there be? Of course! But Nakamura and crew got their cult following because they ran budget cars, simple machines that punched above their weight.

Still, I put together a few other renders of how the T.50 would look in other colours. Before I get into all of them, let me say that I am over Gulf livery, but a 1990s-style fade from sky blue to orange would be up my alley.

Here’s What Your T.50 Would Look Like In Different Colors, But Mostly In A Pink Style Fade
Image: Gordon Murray Automotive, recolored by author

Anyway, here’s the rest of them, varying in quality from “hey this took five seconds but looks OK” to “making renders is not my day job please forgive that this looks like shit.”

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